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So this weekend was busier than hell because it was the first nice weekend that we have had since September…so on top of prepping the yard and deck for summer, I also had to contend with my daughter’s dance recital, entertaining my best friend in from Charlotte and prepping for my annual Memorial Day Weekend tasting.

As if I need more beer, boxes came flying in from all the place (making the wife not happy with me)…

The first box was a trade that I had set up with a guy that I had worked with before in one of my Sour BIFs.   The back story is not important and makes me look like a mild dick but basically, my friend Joe left a bottle of Jester King Bonnie the Rare berliner weisse at a friends house.  We happened to be there one night and I pulled it out of the fridge and he realized it was left there from a previous get together…well, he left a little early that night and we cracked the bottle open after he was gone.  Regardless of how bad it was (worst Jester King beer ever), Joe was pissed because we opened his bottle…so I felt compelled to make things right by acquiring another bottle…and this is what came in…



Next box was the conclusion of a trade set up in September…I had a guy who I traded with last summer that was looking for several bottles of Bruery Black Tuesday.  When my allotment came in from Reserve Society in October, I had a box packed up and out the door.  After the box arrived, the recipient lost his job



Finally was the start of what I hope will be a beautiful relationship with a guy up in the PNW.  In the past couple of years, there has been a bunch of small breweries that have popped up in the Portland Oregon area that have been making some great beers…and I want all of it.  He and I have traded before and he has participated in my Sours BIF previously.  Since my last Sours BIF, he felt that he has been in debt to me since I destroyed him with a huge box of Belgian Lambics.   Revenge is a dish served whale-ish….he destroyed my porch…


Yes…that is 7 bottles of De Garde 🙂 with several bottles of Adam and Cherry Adam 🙂 and several Upright sours 🙂

I had a bad experience lately trying to set up a trade with someone lived in an unrealistic world with their demands….it is stuff like this makes it better.  So much for ‘cutting down’ the cellar when weeks like this happen.


Didn’t 2014 just start yesterday???    It really seems to be just like yesterday that we had turned the page for the new year but instead I am writing the second installment of my monthly beer reviews for 2014.  Again, another crazy month with work travel and just general doings that included a trip to sunny Newfoundland and another visit to the Del-Mar-Va region too.  It is funny too because when the weather is crappy, the amount of reviews I do goes up but the amount of tastings drops off dramatically.  Anyways, other than complaining about work and being cooped up in the house, lets get to the good stuff..

Top 5 Beer Reviews for February (hey, 6 is actually really good considering the past few months was at 9):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me wish that I never went to Newfoundland as all 5 beers were had on that trip:

  • Molson Rickards Oakhouse ~ Amber / Red Lager ~ 2.8 /5 Rating
  • Coors Brewing Original ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 2.0 /5 Rating
  • Henieken Birra Moretti ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.9  /5 Rating
  • Molson Black Horse~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.4 /5 Rating
  • And the beverage that made me regret going to Canada (again) was Labatt Brewing Blue Star  ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.3 /5 Rating

If you are to draw any conclusions from this month is A) Not every place I go to is a craft beer paradise and B) American Adjunct Lagers suck, not matter which country they are made in.

The time has finally arrived…the final chapter of 4 months worth of running and has led up to this day….the 2013 Buffalo Zombie Mud Run.

On my first run that I did this year, it was an abysmal 12 minute, 10 second mile run.  My breathing was a mess, my weight was 262.0 pounds and I was a disaster waiting to happen.  In the four months since then, I can pound out a first mile just over 8 minutes and my weight has comes down about 20 pounds.  I have hit the wall on the weight loss over the past three weeks it seems as I just cant seem to get to the that 25 pound mark.

The morning was very brisk with the weather being cloudy and the temperatures in the mid-50s.  Thankfully, our run time was scheduled for 11am, after the sun came out and warmed things up a couple of degrees.  Unfortunately, as the day had progressed, the course was deteriorating and becoming muddier.  One of my bigger complaints of this event was that each wave was supposed to be limited to 30 runners but when we lined up at the starting gate, there were easily 80+ people.  Now, you would think that there would be safety in numbers but that was not always the case.  I was teamed up with my sister Michelle, her sister in law Jodie and her sister Amy.  At the start of the race, you were given three flags as lifelines.  Throughout the course, there were two vaccination stations, where you could get back an additional life at each station.  Once your lifelines were gone, then so were you.


When they opened the gate for our wave, it was about a 2/10th mile run to the first obstacle, through 4 zombies.   Easy enough given that we had a full group of runners, so the zombies were easy to evade with the crowd.   Next complaint…some of the obstacles were not meant for 80+ people.  It was literally about a 10 minute wait just to get through the first obstacle, which was crawling underneath a house through the mud.  We crawled through the light mud under the house and emerged from the other side.   From there, it was about another 3/10th mile run through before we came across more zombies…unfortunately, there was only about a group of 6 of us and 8 zombies staring us down.  Well, once a zombie had his/her eyes locked on you, they were getting a flag from you….and it just so happened that I got lined up from two different zombies, so I was already down to my last flag early on.   After walking through some really thick mud, we came to another tunnel where you had to crawl through a 30 foot tube that was filled with mud, applesauce, jello, baby poop, etc.   Any chance of keeping clean…gone.  After several more areas of zombies, thick mud, rope swing, thick mud, zombies, thick mud, cable line bridge, mud, zombies, a wooden wall, zombies, more thick mud, another long mud tube, zombies, a creek to crawl through, more zombies, more thick mud…I finally ran into my zombie nemesis.  This cute little chick zombie that saw me and practically tackled me for my flag about 2.4 miles into the run.  At this point, since I was officially dead, I decided to run a screen for my sister who was down to her last flag.  After several more packs of zombies, a set of monkey bars, more zombies and crossing a lake, we came up to our last obstacle…


You had to climb a 10ft mud wall with a rope then head down the huge slide into a lake.  Believe it or not, it was a welcome treat given how muddy we were at this point.  After taking the plunge into the lake, you had to crawl out, over some pretty big rocks and gun it for the last 4/10ths of a mile sprint to the finish line, past many zombies.

_DSC4228-bw (1)

This event was a blast and the course was set up very well for every participant but once you got checked in, given your number and flags, it was totally unorganized.  No one was checking tickets or making sure you were lined up at the correct time, the obstacles got so backed up that we were waiting for as much as 10 minutes at times because there was too many runners and he website mentioned getting extra lives but that never transpired either.   My recommendation would be smaller groups of runners going out at once, but step it up to every 15 minutes and not a half hour.  Other than that, looking forward to next year…

You are probably wondering what this has to do with craft beer…first off, I had offered up a LIF (lottery it forward) on to the person who either chose my farthest distance before I died or closest to the amount of time it took for me to finish the race.  Unfortunately, I am wearing the INFECTED medal of shame and died about 2.4 miles into the race…so one lucky BA will have a box heading out to him this week.  Also, I had specific beers set up in case of victory and it was a choice between Lost Abbey Angels Share 2009 orCantillon Saint Lamnivus…or if I died, then a can of a Holland Lager that has been improperly stores for the past 15 years.   Needless to say, since my best friend was in town, I could not subject to my misery so we cranked out the following beers that night:

As previously explained that I am the host of a Beer It Forward on Beer Advocate called Sours for Dummies.  My intention when I started this BIF was that it was the Sours BIF for the common man….low ounce limits, no whales required (although appreciated) but would also have to be of somewhat quality with a BA score of 85 or higher.  In Round One of the BIF, most of the boxes that were sent from one person to another were pretty high quality, with the exception of a lame box or two.  In this second round, again, with the exception of a box or two, the boxes have been bombs and really impressed their recipients (and myself).  The reason why this is the second haul because there was a late entry into the BIF that could not be squeezed into the rotation, so I took on two participants myself.

The first box that I received for this BIF was from the late comer into the BIF, this haul below was from my initial sender…and man, he did not disappoint:


Block 15 Enchantment ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 6.7% ABV ~ No BA Ratings

Block 15 Belmont Station 15th Anniversary Ale ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 9.0% ABV ~ BA Score 89

Logsdon Farmhouse Ale Oak Aged Bretta ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 8.0% ABV ~ BA Score 96 – WANT

Upright Brewing Gose ~ Gose ~ 5.2% ABV ~ BA Score 90 – WANT

Upright Brewing Belmont Station 14th Anniversary Ale ~ American Wild Ale ~ 4.75% ABV ~ BA Score 91

Upright Brewing (Sole Composition Series) De LA Seven ~ American Wild Ale ~ ABV Unknown ~ BA Score 89    (Bottle#41 of 114)

Breakside Brewing New World Bruin ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 7.0% ABV ~ BA Score 91

Upright Brewing Blend Love ~ American Wild Ale ~ 5.5% ABV ~ BA Score 94 – WANT

Deschutes Brewery The Dissident ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 11.4% ABV ~ BA Score 94 – WANT

The Ale Apothocary El Cuatro ~ American Wild Ale ~ 11.9% ABV ~ No BA Ratings

Hair of the Dog Michael ~ Flanders Red Ale ~ 6.2% ABV ~ BA Score 85 – WANT

Block 15 Glass

Block 15 Enchantment T Shirt

All I can say is….HOLY FUCKING SHIT.  This is like my wet dream box filled with hard to get beers that fit perfectly into my wheel house.  This is why I love Beer Advocate for this very reason, for every douchebag on the website, there is also a really great trader who puts others before themselves.  I personally will never drink any of these bottles by myself because of the guilt I would feel.