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I do apologize for being late with this post but the past four weeks has been very hectic with work and with all the travel (which included a trip to central Pennsylvania and another to Eastern PA, Maryland and Delaware), it has led to a ton of reviews for the month of March (70 in total).  Unfortunately I think my work travelling is coming to an end which means I may have to go out and get a real job soon.  Anyways, lets get to the good stuff…the good beers for March:

Top 5 Beer Reviews for March (okay, it is 7 but they are solid ticks):


The 5 Beer Reviews that made me realize that everything can not be a Wild Ale or Bourbon County variant:

  • Terrapin Brewing Cabernet Barrel Aged Monks Revenge ~ Belgian IPA ~ 9.8% ABV ~ 3.1 /5 Rating
  • Stewarts Brewing Citra IPA ~ American IPA ~ ABV Unknown ~ 3.1 /5 Rating
  • Left Hands Brewing Sawtooth Ale with Peaches ~ English Special Bitter ~ 5.3% ABV ~  2.9 /5 Rating
  • Picobrouwerij Alvinne Phi ~ American Wild Ale ~ 10.0% ABV ~ 2.8 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that made me wish I had chosen a better brewery other than Stewarts was Stewarts Brewing Kolsch ~ Kolsch ~ 2.7 /5 Rating

I know it may catch some of your of guard that there is an Otter Creek in my top 5 beers for this month but they must have finally realized that they can still make good beers and sell them to the masses.  I am not calling them the new White Whale brewery of the week but they have launches three straight beers that are better tan most other shelf beers or even some rarities in some cases.  Obviously, they are still no Cantillon…but few breweries are 🙂


Yes…I know that December was kind of a neglectful month for this shitty blog but I was busy worrying about my financial future, health insurance and lack of a vehicle.   As stated previously that my now former employer decided to outsource my job which then not only resulted in a loss of job, health insurance and company car…I then had to dish out a bunch of money in the form of a new car and various insurances needed to function in 2014.   But, even though my blog posts were down for the month, my monthly beer reviews were probably the highest for the entire year.  Lets look at the Top Beers for me in December…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for December (yes, I realize that there are 9 but that’s how it ended up):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me forget 2013:

  • Flying Bison B.O.B. (Bison Ordinary Bitter) ~ American Bitter Ale ~ 3.0 /5 Rating
  • Fat Heads Busy Bee Honey Blonde Ale ~ American Blonde Ale ~ 3.0 /5 Rating
  • Leinenkugels Orange Shandy ~ Fruit / Vegetable Ale ~ 2.8  /5 Rating
  • The Bruery Cacaonut ~ Old Ale ~ 2.7 /5 Rating  (totally infected….)
  • And the ‘beer’ that really wasn’t beer was Miller Brewing Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity ~ Malt Liquor ~ 1.9 /5 Rating

Well, 2013 has finally ended….and with that, I look forward to 2014 and whatever the beer drinking future has in store for me.   Year End Thread to come…

One of the guys in my tasting group has his house up for sale and had asked the group to come over and help him ’empty’ out his cellar, so that he wouldn’t have to move as much beer.  Well, one of the cool things about the tasting group is no one ever shows up empty handed (even when instructed to).  One thing leads to another, then showing up empty handed turned into ‘Let’s have a Loon (Cantillon) Tasting’.

Cantillon Brewery is a family owned operation going back to the very early 1900’s, who is well known for their lambic style beers.  I personally feel that they are the best lambic maker in the world and would be hard pressed to find anyone who can really argue against that point.  Unfortunately, Cantillon beers (or if you prefer the slang term Loons) do not get mass produced and sent to the states in huge shipments, so finding them is a bit of a task and almost never make an appearance here in WNY ever.

You know that the night is getting out of hand when this happens…


Cuvee de Cantillon

Here was the bottle list for the sharing that evening…

  • Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze
  • Cantillon Vigeronne 2012
  • Cantillon Vigeronne 2004
  • Goose Island King Henry
  • Drie Fonteinen Doesjel 2006
  • Jester King Atrial Rubicite
  • (homebrew from DontDrinkBeer) Pediobear (Persimmon Lambic)
  • Cantillon 50 Degrees N – 4 Degrees E
  • Ale Apothecary Sahati
  • Hardywood 2nd Anniversary Ale
  • Jester King El Cedro
  • Borg Brugghus Ulfur IPA No.3
  • Cantillon Blabaer 2012
  • Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 2000
  • Cantillon Loe Pepe Gueuze 2009
  • Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2008
  • Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2010
  • Hair of the Dog Adam from the Wood
  • Three Floyds Cognac Barrel Aged Moloko
  • Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio 2013
  • Cantillon Saint Lamvinus 2006
  • Cantillon Iris 2012
  • Cantillon Cuvee Saint-Gilloise 2012
  • Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella 2009
  • Bruery Black Tuesday
  • De Cam Cuvee de Kriek 2009
  • Alesmith Rye Barrel Aged Old Numskull
  • Bellwoods Bring Out Your Dead – Cognac Barrel Aged
  • Hill Farmstead Damon


As I have stated in my Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Beer It Forward thread, my time on is coming to an end and am just finishing up with my pending trades and remaining Beer It Forwards.  This particular one was my baby from the get go because I am a lactic acid junkie.  I had started this installment of it before started banning many long time users for no reason, so I had to keep my head down so that I could see this one through to the end.

Here was my first haul…


From Left to Right:

  • Almanac Farmers Reserve #3
  • Goose Island Lolita
  • Cascade Brewing Elderberry
  • Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus
  • New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb
  • New Belgium La Folie
  • Tilquin Quetsche
  • New Glarus Wild Sour Ale

…and my second haul arrived yesterday…

From Left to Right…

  • Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout
  • Bruery Tart of Darkness
  • Commons Brewery Flemish Kiss
  • New Glarus Serendipity
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru
  • Upland Brewing Cherry Lambic
  • Freetail Brewing Ananke
  • Mystery Bottle to be opened with my tasting group this weekend (Goose Island King Henry)
  • Three Floyds Dark Lord
  • Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza
  • New Glarus Wild Sour Ale
  • Pipeworks Brewing Berliner Weiss Glass

Overall, I can not complain about my hauls because there are some decent beers in both of them…and every box is better when there is a bottle of Cantillon included inside.  Unfortunately, as the BIF organizer, this one is not done for me until all of the boxes have been delivered safe and sound….three more to go.

The second day in Denver started off much like the previous day, getting up way too early and having way too little sleep.  My bunkmate for the evening keeps off hours for his work schedule and no matter how drunk or hungover that morning, he was still up at 730am that morning.  Being the light sleeper that I am, as soon as he got up out of bed, my eyes were wide open (and so was the head pounding).  I decided that after laying awake for 20 minutes, it was time to hop out of bed, slam down mad amounts of water then go out for a nice morning jog??   53 degrees outside, sidewalks wide open, homeless people still sleeping…a perfect time to go out for a stroll around downtown Denver.  My goal was to run to Great Divide…

…down to Coors Field then back to the hotel.  The only problem with that plan was I wasn’t 100% sure where Great Divide was, so I over shot it by 4 blocks.  Plus, just two blocks from Great Divide is the Salvation Army and a soup kitchen, so there were plenty of street people about on the sidewalks.  Hungover and off the beaten path, I just decided to do an about face and headed back to the hotel.  2.4 miles in roughly 22 minutes wasn’t bad considering how bad my head was still a little fuzzy.

After a large breakfast, we decided to head over to the Colorado Convention Center so we could wait amongst the masses of beer crazed nerds.  As we anxiously awaited the doors to open, there was plenty of entertainment with the people watching.  As noon approached, the line erupts into a roar and what begins as a muddled mess of people pushing the line forward, quickly turns into a nice brisk pace getting through security, obtaining bracelets and our glass for the afternoon.


I do not know if I can accurately describe the feeling when you enter the main hall of the convention center but once you obtain your glass, whatever plan of attack you had prepared is now gone.  Basically, it was a mad scramble for the three of us in our party to decide what beer we wanted the most…and the winner was…. Bruery Sour in the Rye with Peaches.   But fear not, it was not the only beer of the afternoon, there were definitely plenty more in store…(in order of rating, 4 stars)


Four Star Beers…

  1. Bruery Sour in the Rye with Peaches
  2. DESTIHL Saint Dekkera Reserve Sour
  3. Russian River Framboise for a Cure
  4. Deschutes Jubelale 2012
  5. Avery Ross’s’s’ Melange
  6. New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb
  7. Live Oak Brewing Hefeweizen
  8. Buffalo Bayou Gingerbread Stout
  9. Freetail Ananke
  10. Bear Republic Tartare
  11. DESTIHL Saint Dekkera Reserve Flanders
  12. DESTIHL Saint Dekkera Reserve Sour Raspberry/Strawberry Ale
  13. Nebraska Barrel Aged Hop God
  14. The Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
  15. Olde Hickory Event Horizon
  16. Fat Heads IBUsive
  17. Spring House Kerplunk! Chocolate Imperial Stout
  18. Peekskill Awesome Sauce
  19. Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
  20. Funky Buddha Passion Fruit Berliner
  21. Deschutes Bellmore Sour Quad


Three Star Beers…

  1. Buffalo Bayou Figaro Figaro Figaro Fiiigaro
  2. DESTIHL Saint Dekkera Reserve Belgian Style Lambic
  3. 7venth Sun Mangrove Double IPA
  4. Blackberry Farm Classic Saison
  5. New Belgium Coconut Curry Hefeweizen
  6. Crossroads Outrage IPA
  7. Great Basin Bitchin’ Berry
  8. Sweetwater Dank Tank Price is Wrong
  9. Round Guys Saison du Pomme
  10. Sweetwater LowRYEder
  11. Swamp Head Saison du Swamp Brettanomyces
  12. Smuttynose Straw-Barb Short Weiss
  13. Forest & Main Solaire Reserve
  14. Crossroads Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale
  15. Bell’s Sparkleberry Ale
  16. Fat Heads Alpenglow
  17. Scratch Carrot Ginger Saison
  18. Freetail Salado Kriek
  19. New Holland Blue Sunday
  20. Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Belgian IPA
  21. Funky Buddha No Crusts
  22. New Glarus Serendipity
  23. Trinity Brewing 7 Day Sour
  24. Surly Furious
  25. Kuhnhenn DRIPA Double Rice IPA
  26. Avery Thensaurium
  27. Listermann/Triple Digit Brewing Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter
  28. Dad & Dudes Prickly in Pink
  29. Squatters and Wasatch Squatters Hop Rising
  30. Dad & Dudes Rum, Forrest! Rum!
  31. Goose Island Kisetsu
  32. Goose Island Sofie
  33. Goose Island Sofie Paradisi
  34. Squatters and Wasatch Squatters Hell’s Keep


Two Star Beers…

  1. Dad & Dudes Watermelon Basil Wheat
  2. CAUTION: Brewing Hippity Hops Chrysanthemum
  3. Flossmoor Berliner Weisse
  4. Blue Mountain Spooky
  5. Gravity Brewing Orange Blossom Saison
  6. 7venth Sun Brewing Graffiti Orange
  7. Cigar City Cucumber Saison

Now some might wonder why I have had so many great beers at my fingertips but landed on some beers that no one has ever heard.   From time to time, you find yourself wondering through a section, just checking out breweries and you see one that sounds interesting…so you stop and sample it on the way to the next stop.  Also, you may also notice several breweries where there are multiple samples from…well, that is because after waiting in line (for more than several minutes), it is easy to step up, grab a quick sample, slam it, step down about two feet then ask someone else for a sample from the same brewery.  I am not necessarily camping in front of the brewery, thus blocking other thirsty beer nerds, just sampling on the move.

One thing (that is actually a good thing) is that the people pouring the beer are very religious of only pouring the beer samples to the one ounce pour line on the glass.  When you are drinking 50+ samples of mostly high ABV beers, you will come to appreciate them doing their job properly.  The problem is that towards the end of the brewers reserve session, they are trying to empty remaining kegs and leftover pitchers towards the end…so that one ounce pour may turn into a full 4-5oz fill.

Another cool thing about the beer festival, is that there are plenty of guys from the industry to talk to.  Most brewers, especially the smaller ones love to talk about their beers.  Sometimes, you even get to see old friends reunite (and sporting their hardware)…


(I tried to get them to say FUCK ITHACA instead of the traditional CHEESE but Chief laughed hard, doubling over with Hutch turning away red face… so I had to retake another picture).  (also, the picture is not blurry, this is just what your vision looks likes after 4 hours of solid drinking).

To be concluded…

It has been a rough week to say the least between my cell phone crapping out for 4 days, my brand new dishwasher crapping out and someone hacked into my paypal account and drained it (plus my bank account).  If there was ever a time in need of a good beer, it has been this week for sure.  Unfortunately, I am on beer lock down this week because of the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run this week.

Although I have listed that I am on trading hiatus, it seems ironic that I still have trades going on.  Here are some of the completion of some of those trades:

From BA Itsthepleats…


From BA SDStoneEnthusiast…


For anyone who is curious about trading or looking into it for the future, here is a bit of free advice…try to avoid sending Pale Ales and IPAs as extras unless someone really wants them.  Pale Ales and IPAs do have a shelf life before the hop character starts to fade away, especially after three months.  (see Rule #9 on My Trading Etiquette on my Beer Advocate profile)  I do not want to sound ungrateful but… (here comes the ungrateful part) but I really don’t have a need for an IPA that was canned on 6-4-13.

Three days until the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run 🙂

Another great beer drinking month has come and gone.   I have started to slow down on my beer reviews and beer consumption overall because I am starting to push myself to get into better shape so that I can run the Buffalo Zombie Run in September.  Please don’t take this to task meaning that I have seen the error of my ways because I have certainly not…just scaling back a little bit.    I did end up hosting a pretty nice tasting at my house during the Memorial Day weekend and cracked some solid beers open with my bud Fuj too.  Anyways, lets get down to the nitty gritty…here they are:

Top 5 Beer Reviews for May:

The  5 Beer Reviews that slightly missed the mark for May:

  • Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach~ American Wild Ale ~ 3.43 /5 Rating
  • Southern Tier Brewing 2X Steam ~ California Common / Steam Beer ~ 3.35 /5 Rating
  • The Bruery Collaboration Series: Go Team! ~ Belgian Dark Ale ~ 3.35 /5 Rating
  • Tecate ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 2.48 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that needs he biggest helmet to ride the short bus was Grupo Modelo Corona Light ~ Light Lager ~ 2.03 /5 Rating

For last months top beers, they were really top…but the bottom beers really tasted like a bottom too.