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So this weekend was busier than hell because it was the first nice weekend that we have had since September…so on top of prepping the yard and deck for summer, I also had to contend with my daughter’s dance recital, entertaining my best friend in from Charlotte and prepping for my annual Memorial Day Weekend tasting.

As if I need more beer, boxes came flying in from all the place (making the wife not happy with me)…

The first box was a trade that I had set up with a guy that I had worked with before in one of my Sour BIFs.   The back story is not important and makes me look like a mild dick but basically, my friend Joe left a bottle of Jester King Bonnie the Rare berliner weisse at a friends house.  We happened to be there one night and I pulled it out of the fridge and he realized it was left there from a previous get together…well, he left a little early that night and we cracked the bottle open after he was gone.  Regardless of how bad it was (worst Jester King beer ever), Joe was pissed because we opened his bottle…so I felt compelled to make things right by acquiring another bottle…and this is what came in…



Next box was the conclusion of a trade set up in September…I had a guy who I traded with last summer that was looking for several bottles of Bruery Black Tuesday.  When my allotment came in from Reserve Society in October, I had a box packed up and out the door.  After the box arrived, the recipient lost his job



Finally was the start of what I hope will be a beautiful relationship with a guy up in the PNW.  In the past couple of years, there has been a bunch of small breweries that have popped up in the Portland Oregon area that have been making some great beers…and I want all of it.  He and I have traded before and he has participated in my Sours BIF previously.  Since my last Sours BIF, he felt that he has been in debt to me since I destroyed him with a huge box of Belgian Lambics.   Revenge is a dish served whale-ish….he destroyed my porch…


Yes…that is 7 bottles of De Garde 🙂 with several bottles of Adam and Cherry Adam 🙂 and several Upright sours 🙂

I had a bad experience lately trying to set up a trade with someone lived in an unrealistic world with their demands….it is stuff like this makes it better.  So much for ‘cutting down’ the cellar when weeks like this happen.


Well, in case you don’t remember the Alamo, it is located in downtown San Antonio and quite the boring tourist attraction. I have always been a mild war history nut but the Alamo itself was kind of a let down as far as a tourist attraction went….and they didn’t even serve craft beer (now you can see my disappointment).  The building that you see before you was actually the Chapel of the entire Alamo compound and there isn’t much more beyond that, other than a small courtyard and a gift shop (which must have been built by Davey Crockett himself).


The Alamo…..(in the basement!)

So my wife wanted to go someplace on vacation that was a heck of a lot warmer than sunny Buffalo (like such a place exists) but wasn’t really interested in going back to Florida, so we decided on taking the kid to Sea World in San Antonio TX.  What we didn’t realize that we came down to San Antonio during Fiesta…which someone described to me as their version of Mardi Gras….except with a lot less boobs being shown and more Mexicans to go around.

Fiesta goes for 18 days straight and is now loosely based around the annual Battle of the Roses, which started as a dedication parade for those that fought at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto back in 1890.  When we went downtown on Monday night, we visited the Market Square where there were streets lined with vendors and several stages providing various styles of music.  We also visited the famed San Antonio Riverwalk where there was a boat parade going on.  But, by Wednesday afternoon, we had noticed that downtown was becoming crazier with half the roads being closed, bleachers being set up all over the parade route, the cost of parking doubling and every corner being crazy busy…not exactly ideal when towing around a four year old with you.

One of the highest rated and most famous restaurants in San Antonio is Mi Tierra .  Located in the famed Market Square area of downtown San Antonio, this place is know for its great food and 24 hour bakery that never closes.  The food was decent, the atmosphere was great and my daughter is a huge fan of table side Mariachi bands.  Since I was in a Mexican restaurant, it was only fitting that I had to get a Mexican beer that I had never had before…

While we were watching the boat parade on the Riverwalk, I found a kiosk nearby that was serving finger food and serving local craft beer, so I got to drink something while we watched the boat parade…

Later on Monday evening, after the wife and daughter called No Mas!, it was time to meet up with my local trader at his local watering hole for a small bottle share…or so I thought, at Big Hops Growler Station.  We managed to keep the employees up past their bed times and we’re able to crush bottles until 1am (even though they closed at 10pm).


Big Hops Growler Station now has three locations around the San Antonio area and is a local watering hole for my TX trading partner Chris.  He managed to swindle the employees to allow us to have a bottle share there that night, for my arrival….and here is what we crushed:

Jester King Brewing RU55 ~ American Wild Ale ~ 7.3% ABV
Dark Horse Brewing 3 Pairs of Legs Maple Porter ~ American Porter ~ 7.0% ABV
Prairie Artisan Beers Bible Belt ~ American Double / Imperial Stout ~ 13.0% ABV
Grassroots Brewing Arctic Soiree ~ Saison / Farmhouse Ale ~ 6.0% ABV
Pisgah Brewing Hellbender ~ American Barleywine ~ 10.2% ABV
Bruery Griffon Bruxellois ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.1% ABV
Bruery The Wanderer ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.0% ABV
Freetail Brewing Ananke (2012) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 5.8% ABV
Freetail Brewing Ananke (2013) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 5.8% ABV
Lost Abbey Angel’s Share Brandy Barrel Aged (2008) ~ American Barleywine ~ 12.5% ABV
Karbach Brewing Series F.U.N. Series 008: Fra-Gee-Lay ~ Herbed / Spiced Beer ~ 8.0% ABV
Freetail Brewing La Muerta (2010) ~ American Double / Imperial Stout ~ 10.2% ABV
Cascade Brewing Elderberry ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.1% ABV
Crooked Stave Artisan Beers Batch #60 ~ American Wild Ale ~ ABV Unknown
Ithaca Brewing Luminous ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.0% ABV
Darkside Fermentation Flanders Red ~ Flanders Red Ale ~ 7.0% ABV
Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison ~ Saison / Farmhouse Ale ~ 6.0% ABV
(512) Brewing Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter ~ American Porter ~ 8.2% ABV
Harpoon Brewery 100 Barrel Series #49: Brown IPA ~ American IPA ~ 5.7% ABV
Brewdog Paradox Springbank ~ American Double / Imperial Stout ~ 10.0% ABV
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Smoke on the Bayou ~ Scottish Ale ~ 9.0% ABV
Crooked Stave Artisan Beers Nightmare on Brett (aged in Leopold Bros Whiskey Barrels) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 9.67% ABV


On Tuesday, we took a bus tour around downtown San Antonio, a RiverWalk boat tour, then lunch at a downtown brewpub called The Granary ‘Cue & Brew.


The Granary

The Granary ‘Cue & Brew has been open for several years now and feature Farm to Table proteins from several farms in Texas.  They strive to feature fresh foods while using only the best local quality ingredients, nothing off the back of a distributors food truck.  From what I can gather, he Granary has been brewing their own beers now for a little over one year now, in keeping with the same standards of ingredients that they utilize with their food too, Farm to Tap.  The interesting thing about their location is that is located in the vicinity of the Pearl Brewing Complex, which has been defunct now for many years.  It was only until recently that a company came along, purchased the entire canning complex and repurposed the property for loft apartments and retail shops but still maintain the Pearl identity.  My wife got the Beef Brisket, my daughter has the chicken and I destroyed a Pastrami Rib crusted with a cracked pepper rub…all of the food was excellent and their BBQ sauce was decent with a nice mildly smoked flavor to it.  At the time we went, they had 4 in-house beers on tap, 2 in-house pops (yes, Pop not Soda) and several guest taps…but since I wanted local beers, I grabbed these selections:

After getting blasted by 95 degree heat all day, we decided to hit the hotel and relax for a little while…and thankfully the Embassy Suites by the airport had a bar inside, so I decided to grab a happy hour turd.

Since we were still very tired from the heat and long day, we decided to stay down for dinner that night and ended up at Freetail Brewing for some pizza and beers.


Freetail Brewing Company

Freetail Brewing Company was started towards the end of 2008 and have since then grown very nicely with a goal of making quality beers, which they have done.  Some of their bottle selections have become some of the best beers made in TX in many different beer styles with options like La Muerta, Old Bat Rastard and Ananke.  Over the past 5 years, they have grown beyond their current locations capacity and are expanding to a new locations dubbed FT2, which will be their production brewery located in downtown San Antonio.  When we arrived, as if on queue, my daughter passed out in the car about 90 seconds before we arrived, so she was cranky and tired when we entered the place.  Unfortunately, I had enough time there to order a pizza, two quick pints and pay the bill…and all within 20 minutes.  The pizza was pretty good and the in-house beers were decent (tonight):


Wednesday morning rolled in and we were all still pretty tired from the previous day, plus my wife still had a touch of heat exhaustion.  We were kind of dragging our asses in the morning but had to power our way through the day because we had tickets for several things that we had to do.  After jumping back on the tour bus and looping almost all the way around downtown again, we stopped at the 750 foot Tower of the Americas.  The Tower of the Americas was the corner stone piece of the HemisFair Park, home of the 1968 World’s Fair, and it listed as the second highest free standing structure in the US, second only to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

We decided to head back down to the RiverWalk and hit one of the highest rated restaurants in San Antonio, Boudro’s.   Set along the riverwalk, we were able to grab a table right on the riverwalk where my daughter was amused by the birds swimming the riverwalk and waving at all the boats passing by.  While Boudro’s was supposed to be known for their great food, my wife and I left both disappointed in our meals…maybe they are well known for their dinner food.  Anyways, I couldn’t come down to Texas without slamming one of these ‘craft beers’:

After lunch, we headed over to the San Antonio Children’s Museum for a couple of hours to burn some energy off then down the street to San Antonio’s famed Buckhorn Saloon & Museum.  The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum is listed as the oldest running saloon in Texas, dating back to 1881.  It was originally established as a trading post originally for all of the cowboys to blow off steam but then turned into a saloon and house of ill repute.  The interior is loaded with a ton of taxidermy and the largest collection of antlers ever assembled.  For a tourist trap, they actually had a nice tap list of local Texas beers, so I grabbed this one:

After returning to the hotel and the family passing out early on me, I had a little under two hours to get for a couple…and since I was only 10 minutes from Freetail Brewing, I decided to head back there again.

While I was there, I was bullshitting with a couple of guys and it turned out that one guy was opening his brewery sometime by the end of this year.  San Antonio Brewing Company coming the guy was really cool about wanting to hear an out of towners perspective on the craft beer scene.  Overall, a really good place to visit with some really good pizza but the house beers were rather disappointing.


Thursday morning came and we decided that instead of dragging the four year old all over downtown San Antonio with the craziness of Fiesta, we opted for a two hour drive down to Corpus Christie so that we could hit the beach for the day.  When we got to the shores of North Beach, to my surprise was this fucking beauty…the USS Lexington.


USS Lexington – Corpus Christi TX

After being at the beach for roughly an hour, the sun broke through the overcast and it was time for a beer, but the only shit that the nearby bar would allow me to leave with was this nasty gem…

During this time, my wife had the realization that her father had served on the Lexington.  As much as I would have loved to tour an air craft carrier, we were nasty from swimming in the Gulf (see BP Oil Rig Spill for more details…), we didn’t think that our daughter would want to take the tour…plus we had to meet some friend out for dinner later that night.

After getting back to out hotel for much needed showers and some quick relaxation time, we headed over to meet up with my Texas trading partner, Chris and his new bride Amanda, at a real San Antonio gem, The Cove.  This place has to be the most diversified business plan in the history of the world…maybe a close second place behind General Electric.  The Cove is comprised of the following entities on the property…a Self Serve Car Wash, Coin Operated Laundry, Ice Cream Parlor, a walk up Food Counter, a music bar, playground, dog park and 50 tap Texas Craft Beer Bar.   Yeah, it was interesting but such a cool set up…after we ate dinner in the front bar (indoors), we headed outside to let the daughter play with the other kids at the playground while the adults drank from the Texas Beer Bar.


On Friday, it was my daughters reason for pestering me for the past month…Sea World.  Of course, I had to grab a beer for my theme park tick on Untappd.

Every night between the hours of 5pm-730pm, the hotel we were staying offered up a free happy hour…which included PBR and Killians. Gross indeed, but the hotel bar also had some bottles (that I didnt realize until our last night there) so I decided to grab another Texas turd from the bar…

With the kid and wife passed out and our last night in San Antonio, I decided that I had to sneak back to The Cove for a couple more beers..

Airplane beer, courtesy of Southwest Airlines…


I have to say that when we booked this trip, I told the wife to not book anything other than the day to Sea World because I wouldn’t to do things on the fly…after everything was said and done, we did a shit ton of things…and I got to drink a shit ton of good beer.  San Antonio was fun to say the least and a nice craft beer town on the rise.


Texas Whalez Bro…

Didn’t 2014 just start yesterday???    It really seems to be just like yesterday that we had turned the page for the new year but instead I am writing the second installment of my monthly beer reviews for 2014.  Again, another crazy month with work travel and just general doings that included a trip to sunny Newfoundland and another visit to the Del-Mar-Va region too.  It is funny too because when the weather is crappy, the amount of reviews I do goes up but the amount of tastings drops off dramatically.  Anyways, other than complaining about work and being cooped up in the house, lets get to the good stuff..

Top 5 Beer Reviews for February (hey, 6 is actually really good considering the past few months was at 9):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me wish that I never went to Newfoundland as all 5 beers were had on that trip:

  • Molson Rickards Oakhouse ~ Amber / Red Lager ~ 2.8 /5 Rating
  • Coors Brewing Original ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 2.0 /5 Rating
  • Henieken Birra Moretti ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.9  /5 Rating
  • Molson Black Horse~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.4 /5 Rating
  • And the beverage that made me regret going to Canada (again) was Labatt Brewing Blue Star  ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 1.3 /5 Rating

If you are to draw any conclusions from this month is A) Not every place I go to is a craft beer paradise and B) American Adjunct Lagers suck, not matter which country they are made in.

Yes…I know that December was kind of a neglectful month for this shitty blog but I was busy worrying about my financial future, health insurance and lack of a vehicle.   As stated previously that my now former employer decided to outsource my job which then not only resulted in a loss of job, health insurance and company car…I then had to dish out a bunch of money in the form of a new car and various insurances needed to function in 2014.   But, even though my blog posts were down for the month, my monthly beer reviews were probably the highest for the entire year.  Lets look at the Top Beers for me in December…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for December (yes, I realize that there are 9 but that’s how it ended up):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me forget 2013:

  • Flying Bison B.O.B. (Bison Ordinary Bitter) ~ American Bitter Ale ~ 3.0 /5 Rating
  • Fat Heads Busy Bee Honey Blonde Ale ~ American Blonde Ale ~ 3.0 /5 Rating
  • Leinenkugels Orange Shandy ~ Fruit / Vegetable Ale ~ 2.8  /5 Rating
  • The Bruery Cacaonut ~ Old Ale ~ 2.7 /5 Rating  (totally infected….)
  • And the ‘beer’ that really wasn’t beer was Miller Brewing Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity ~ Malt Liquor ~ 1.9 /5 Rating

Well, 2013 has finally ended….and with that, I look forward to 2014 and whatever the beer drinking future has in store for me.   Year End Thread to come…

After the conclusion of the Saturday afternoon session, we made our way across the street back to our hotel to watch the conclusion of the Dodgers playoff game.  It was interesting to see how packed the bar area was with festival goers, the decibel level of conversations, and the ever refreshing smell of fart floating through the air.  Yes, when you gather tens of thousands of people into an enclosed room with 3000+ beers, there is bound to be one or two people to let out a little gas.

We decided that it would be in our best interest to take a little nap. Sure, I am a firm believer napping on vacation is weak but it really helped us recharge our batteries and shed some of the buzz. What was supposed to be a quick 45 minute easily translated into 2 full hours…and much needed too.

From the hotel, we grabbed a cab over to Breckenridge Brewery in downtown.  Usually I will tell something about the brewery first but this was not my first time here and we had just an awful experience.  The place was barely half full but still had to wait like 15 minutes for a table, the waitress was utterly non-existent and my buffalo burger (which I love buffalo meat, so damn good) that I ordered Medium Rare was still extremely red…on the outside.  Trust me when I say that the fucking thing was still mooing at me…my plate looked like a crime scene with all of the blood on the plate…and since we never saw the waitress, I couldn’t even have it sent back to have it cooked.  I wish I could say that I was the lone victim here and was just simple bad luck but the other two guys also had poorly executed food.  Here was the only beer that I could palate while there…

Lone Tree Brewing Peachtree Pale Ale ~ Fruit Beer ~ 4.75% ABV

Leaving disgusted…we had to turn this night around, so we hopped in another cab and made our way over to The Source.   The Source is another reclaimed brick building from way back when which now serve as a home to hipsters everywhere.  The building is in a pretty shady former industrial area with not much around it other than abandoned buildings.  Inside was lots of hard brick and tin metal…the exact opposite of warm and inviting.  The building is split between two food places, a small shop, a distillery and Crooked Stave.


Crooked Stave Tasting Room

Crooked Stave is a fairly new brewery to the Colorado scene, having only been open a couple of years now.  They had moved to The Source within the last month and had recently had their Grand Opening there the week before the GABF.  When you walk into the back part of The Source, it is a little underwhelming as the place is a little small.  I was told that their previous location was very small and this was an upgrade…but they obviously didn’t set their sights too high because their tasting room seemed too crowded.  The Crooked Stave space is roughly less than 1000 sq ft with half of the space being occupied by tanks and other brewing equipment.  Here is what I got to drink…(yeah, I didn’t take it easy)

Crooked Stave Musty Cedar Box ~ Sour Red/Brown Ale ~ 7.5% ABV

Crooked Stave St.Bretta (Spring) (made with Minneola Tangelo oranges) ~ Witbier ~ 5.5% ABV

Crooked Stave St.Bretta (Summer) (made with Blood oranges) ~ Witbier ~ 5.5% ABV

Crooked Stave St.Bretta (Fall) (made with Valencia oranges) ~ Witbier ~ 5.5% ABV

As part of the festivities for Denver Craft Beer Week, Crooked Stave had two bottle releases during the week for Origins and L Brett D’Or, which I was bummed out about missing but as luck would have it, they still had bottles for sale when we arrived, so I was able to scoop them up and bring them home with me.

From Crooked Stave, we headed over to one of my favorite breweries in Denver, Great Divide.  While Great Divide is not my favorite brewery, the physical brewery is just a really cool place to be.  Unfortunately, we arrived there around 930pm and they already made Last Call so that they can close at 10pm.  😦   Saddened, we walked back to our hotel to drop our haul from Crooked Stave then headed over to Wynkoop Brewery (because they were the only ones open until 2am).

Wynkoop Brewery is located just several blocks from the ballpark downtown, situated in a three story building and makes a lot of different styles of beer in house.  We basically spent the remainder of the evening in their upstairs billiard hall playing shuffleboard (new to those in Southern California apparently).  Here is what I got to sample while I was handing out shuffleboard ass whoopings… LOL

Wynkoop Brewing Cherry Kriek ~ Fruit / Vegetable Beer ~ 4.5% ABV

Wynkoop Brewing Tres Bon Saison ~ Farmhouse / Saison ~ 6.8% ABV

Colorado Cider Company Grasshop-ah ~ Cider ~ 6.95% ABV

Thankfully, we were smart enough to not take the first flight out of Denver early in the morning because it gave us plenty of time to drag our asses out of bed, have a nice breakfast and make it to the airport at a decent hour.  When I booked my flight, for some ungodly reason, my return flight back to Buffalo from Denver was via Phoenix???   I am no geographer but I am going to go out on a limb and say that Phoenix is no where even close to being in the path of Buffalo from Denver.  While waiting for our flight out to Phoenix, we stopped at the Boulder Brewing Company brewpub located inside in the airport and got to enjoy…

Boulder Beer Company Cold Hop ~ English Strong Ale ~ 6.5% ABV

While it made sense for my buddy Matt to have his layover in Phoenix (as he was headed to Los Angeles and not Buffalo?!?), it at least gave me some time to grab lunch and share a pint or two before we parted ways.   There was a brewpub scheduled to be opened in the Phoenix airport by mid-October but was delayed, so we found a pub at the airport and was able to do enjoy a few more pints before my long 5 hour flight back home.

SanTan Brewing HopShock IPA ~ American IPA ~ 7.0% ABV

Deschutes Black Butte Porter ~ American Porter ~ 5.2% ABV

Another great year of the GABF is in the books…as always, I spent way more money than I wanted to but when you get caught up in the moment, better throw back a beer then worry about saving money.  Unfortunately, I will not be attending the GABF in 2014 as my job situation is uncertain and my wife and I are planning on buying a new house in the future….but, I do have my sights set on 2015!


Win Indeed!

October was a great beer drinking month and kind of bittersweet in a way too.  On a high note, October means my return back to Colorado for the GABF and on a down note, I found out that I am getting laid off at the end of the year.   When one door closes, most of the time, another one opens…lets just see if that holds true in January.

You may notice a change in the scores this month too.  Since I am in the process of transferring my beer reviews from Beer Advocate over to Rate Beer, the scoring changes with the different website where the score is more rounded and less accurate.

Anyways, here were the monthly reviews…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for October (yes, I realize that there 7):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me consider staying poor so that I can’t buy beer anymore:

  • Fat Heads Autumn Weisse ~ Hefeweizen ~ 3.3 /5 Rating
  • Breckenridge Brewing Peachtree Pale ~ American Pale Ale ~ 3.3 /5 Rating
  • New Belgium Fresh Hop India Pale Ale ~ American IPA ~ 3.2 /5 Rating
  • Equinox Brewing Space Ghost IPA ~ American IPA ~ 3.2 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that made me regret trying out a new brewery was Antietam Brewing Ottos Orchard Raspberry ~ Fruit / Vegetable Beer ~ 2.8 /5 Rating

I find it kind of funny that I went out to Colorado for two days of great beer and only one of them made the Top 5 (7) meanwhile three selections made my bottom 5 of this month.  I swear, it really was a good trip…

Anyways, as I had stated earlier, I found out that I am getting laid off at the end of the year.  The night that I had found out this wonderful news, I decided that the only thing that could cheer me up was to rescue my prior beer purchases from and bring them home (or course with some extra bottles too).   One reason why I like is that you can get some really great Belgian beers at a decent price but the shipping will kill you.  Thankfully, once you pay for shipping, the website is pretty quick to get your box packed up and across the ocean in 10 business days.  Here was my haul…


From Left to Right…

  • Cuvee De Ranke
  • Kriek De Ranke
  • Drie Fonteinen Doesjel
  • 2x Cantillon Mamouche
  • 3x Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus
  • Oude Gueze De Cam
  • Framboise Lambiek De Cam
  • Kriek Lambiek De Cam
  • Lambiek Special De Cam
  • Oude Lambiek De Cam

Yup, I feel better….

Back in December, I got hit up by a BeerAdvocate user about being in town for the holidays and wanting to meet other local BAs.   Well since then, we keep in touch from time to time and when he comes into town, he usually brings some nice bottles for a bottle share.  The last time he was here in April, we had a really killer bottle share and this time was no different.

We were able to gather up some of the local crew and I gladly opened up the cellar for everyone to pluck their way through.  Its amazing when you get a great bunch of guys together, who are willing to share their great beers…this time was just another one of those examples.  Here was the great beers we cracked open:

Pipeworks Orange Truffle Abduction ~ American Double/Imperial Stout ~ 10.5% ABV
Mustang Brewing Brandys Imperial Sundae ~ American Porter ~ 9.1% ABV
Bruery Oude Tart with Cherries ~ American Wild Ale ~ 7.5% ABV
Bruery Bottleworks XII ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.0% ABV
SARA Adjunct Professor ~ American Wild Ale ~ 9.8% ABV
Upland Brewing Blackberry Lambic ~ Lambic – Fruit ~ ABV Unknown
Southern Tier Cherry Saison (the obvious best beer of the night) ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 10.1% ABV
Firestone Walker PNC Imperial Buckwheat Stout ~ American Double/Imperial Stout ~ 13.7% ABV
Bruery White Chocolate ~ Wheatwine ~ 14.25% ABV
Bruery Sour in the Rye with Kumquats ~ American Wild Ale ~ 7.6% ABV
Oud Beersel BZart Oude Gueze 2007 ~ Gueuze ~ 8.0% ABV
Brasserie Cantillon 50N-4E ~ Gueuze ~ 7.0% ABV
Allagash Brewing Coolship Red ~ Lambic – Fruit ~ 5.7% ABV
Hardywood Gingerbread Stout ~ Milk/Sweet Sout ~ 9.2% ABV
Hardywood Bourbon Gingerbread Stout ~ Milk/Sweet Stout ~ 10.6% ABV
B. Nektar Black Fang ~ Mead
Brouwerij Boon Oude Gueuze Mariage Parfait 2003 ~ Gueuze ~ 8.0% ABV
Russian River Toronado 25th Annivesary Ale ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.75% ABV
Upright Brewing Soul Composition Seven (with Brett) Bottle 41 of 114 ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 8.8% ABV
Cigar City/Widmer Brothers Gentlemens Club (New Oak) ~ Old Ale ~ 9.5% ABV
Cigar City/Widmer Brothers Gentlemens Club (Rye) ~ Old Ale ~ 10.5% ABV
Alesmith Speedway Vietnamese Coffee Stout ~ American Double/Imperial Stout ~ ABV Unknown
Crooked Stave Surette Reserva ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.2% ABV
Hoppin Fog BA BORIS ~ Russian Imperial Stout ~ 9.4% ABV
Kuhnhenn Pineapple Pear Pint Grigio Pyment Mead
Kuhnhenn Mexicarmel Mead
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Hibiscus & Cinnamon ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.0% ABV
Fantome Extra Sour Special Original Creation Black Dark Extra 2013 ~  Saison/Farmhouse ~ 10.0% ABV

Another great thing about having the tasting is that we had two of the members from Big Ditch Brewing in attendance again.  We have had Matt and Corey at several of our tastings so far and it has been wonderful to hear their stories of starting up a brewery.  Plus, it is not bad to have them use us as guinea pigs for some of their liquid creations.  This time they had tried out a Peach Ale and a new IPA.  As much as I would like to comment about the beers, it would be wrong to comment on something that is simply for trial at this point and would be unfair to pass judgment…with that being said, I liked the Peach Ale and the IPA was standard.  Enough Said.    Not to mention that we had given them some great input of ingredients to try, even though some of them might be a little hard to come by.  🙂