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So this weekend was busier than hell because it was the first nice weekend that we have had since September…so on top of prepping the yard and deck for summer, I also had to contend with my daughter’s dance recital, entertaining my best friend in from Charlotte and prepping for my annual Memorial Day Weekend tasting.

As if I need more beer, boxes came flying in from all the place (making the wife not happy with me)…

The first box was a trade that I had set up with a guy that I had worked with before in one of my Sour BIFs.   The back story is not important and makes me look like a mild dick but basically, my friend Joe left a bottle of Jester King Bonnie the Rare berliner weisse at a friends house.  We happened to be there one night and I pulled it out of the fridge and he realized it was left there from a previous get together…well, he left a little early that night and we cracked the bottle open after he was gone.  Regardless of how bad it was (worst Jester King beer ever), Joe was pissed because we opened his bottle…so I felt compelled to make things right by acquiring another bottle…and this is what came in…



Next box was the conclusion of a trade set up in September…I had a guy who I traded with last summer that was looking for several bottles of Bruery Black Tuesday.  When my allotment came in from Reserve Society in October, I had a box packed up and out the door.  After the box arrived, the recipient lost his job



Finally was the start of what I hope will be a beautiful relationship with a guy up in the PNW.  In the past couple of years, there has been a bunch of small breweries that have popped up in the Portland Oregon area that have been making some great beers…and I want all of it.  He and I have traded before and he has participated in my Sours BIF previously.  Since my last Sours BIF, he felt that he has been in debt to me since I destroyed him with a huge box of Belgian Lambics.   Revenge is a dish served whale-ish….he destroyed my porch…


Yes…that is 7 bottles of De Garde 🙂 with several bottles of Adam and Cherry Adam 🙂 and several Upright sours 🙂

I had a bad experience lately trying to set up a trade with someone lived in an unrealistic world with their demands….it is stuff like this makes it better.  So much for ‘cutting down’ the cellar when weeks like this happen.


After spending an exhausting week in the craft beer tundra known as Newfoundland, it was nice to come home to some wonderful care packages from those that care.

Recently I have pulled the plus on trading because it was getting too expensive and people are a pain in the ass to deal with.  I have made some good friends during trades and have set up some nice pipelines to other parts of the country with people whom I can rely on and will take pretty much anything they can get.  The good thing about doing it this way, is that I know what they like, they know what I like and we just swap blind boxes back and forth.

The first box to arrive was from my long time trading partner Matt in Southern California.  I started trading with Matt almost three years ago right before the birth of his son (yes Matt, it has been that long) and since then we have traded blind boxes for the whole duration.

From Left to Right…

  • Bruery 6 Geese A Laying
  • Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich DIPA
  • Almanac Brewing Valley of the Hearts Delight
  • Almanac Brewing Sourdough Wild Ale
  • Almanac Brewing Brandy Barrel Peche
  • Upright Brewing Gose

Then there is my newest trading partner from the lone star state of Texas.  Chris was kind of a trading newbie when he wanted to join up in one of my BIFs but is a spirited dude when it comes to craft beer.  We just started swapping our boxes and apparently he was stripped of his manhood when I sent my last box because he obviously is showing me how big his craft beer junk is with the size of his box(es).


From Left to Right…

  • Naughty Brewing I Think She Hung The Moon
  • Five Stones Brewing Sleep Hollow
  • Five Stones Brewing Aloha Pina
  • Five Stones Brewing Rhubarb Cherrylicious
  • Five Stones Brewing Camo
  • Freetail Brewing Old Bat Rastard
  • Freetail Brewing Yo Soy Un Breliner
  • Freetail Brewing Pech’eus x2
  • Freetail Brewing La Muerta
  • NoDa Brewing Tart Attack
  • Jester King Brewing RU55

Oh, if that one wasn’t enough, then there was this box to pile on as well…


From Left to Right…

  • La Cumbre Brewing Elevated IPA x4
  • Karbach Brewing Mother in Lager x4
  • Jester King Brewing Ol’ Oi
  • La Cumbre Brewing Project Dank
  • Karbach Brewing Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Somewhere
  • Jester King Brewing Atrial Rubicite
  • Ranger Creek Brewing Small Batch Series No.6
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb!
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Noir

Apparently, this is a classic case of ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!’  Thanks Boys…Newfie Whales coming back to you.

Since the beginning of October, I have been busier than all hell between family obligations, working two jobs, GABF, work travel, etc.  I have really been trying to scale back the cellar because the bottle count is just way too high and there is zero need to buy beer anymore.  Unfortunately (which is the wrong choice of words here) I had a bunch of trades that I was still waiting on the receiving end of it and a few Beer It Forwards in the works going.  Well, since the calendar flipped to October, most of the boxes started to land and I have been too busy to even pay attention to them.  Well, 6 -12 bottle shippers and a 6 bottle shipper later and it is ‘bye bye’ shelf space.



My wife has been complaining to me about not getting into the basement freezer…I wonder why?

It has been a rough week to say the least between my cell phone crapping out for 4 days, my brand new dishwasher crapping out and someone hacked into my paypal account and drained it (plus my bank account).  If there was ever a time in need of a good beer, it has been this week for sure.  Unfortunately, I am on beer lock down this week because of the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run this week.

Although I have listed that I am on trading hiatus, it seems ironic that I still have trades going on.  Here are some of the completion of some of those trades:

From BA Itsthepleats…


From BA SDStoneEnthusiast…


For anyone who is curious about trading or looking into it for the future, here is a bit of free advice…try to avoid sending Pale Ales and IPAs as extras unless someone really wants them.  Pale Ales and IPAs do have a shelf life before the hop character starts to fade away, especially after three months.  (see Rule #9 on My Trading Etiquette on my Beer Advocate profile)  I do not want to sound ungrateful but… (here comes the ungrateful part) but I really don’t have a need for an IPA that was canned on 6-4-13.

Three days until the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run 🙂

Ounces and Ounces and Ounces Oh My….Beer It Forwards and Trades Galore.

So this week alone, beer trades and BIF boxes have increased deliveries in the NT area five fold…between a trade I set up, a haul from my Sours for Dummies BIF, Fantasy Hockey BIF, Playoff Hockey BIF and my Bruery Reserve Society haul, my cellar has been overflowing in ounces of craft beer deliciousness.

I received these beers from BA Cuzco for winning the first round of the Playoff Hockey BIF…


…then I made a ‘small’ trade with BA w_klon for these babies…


…along with the extras.


…then got these beers as part of my winnings from the Fantasy Hockey BIF that I won.


…then my Bruery haul from my Reserved Society…


…then my second box from my Sours for Dummies BIF.


Did I mention that I was trying to cut down the size of my cellar???   Fail!

Oops, forgot about this box that had also landed too…


So I was recently in a Beer It Forward where I got kind of a weak box from my sender.  I am not going to dwell on it any more at this point but at the very end of my post about it, I did say that Beer Karma would come around.   Well, here is the post about Beer Karma and one of the reasons why I love using the Beer Advocate website.  While it is not immune from trolls and idiots, Beer Advocate also has some really great participants who really do care about craft beer as much as I do.

One of the other guys that was in the same BIF as I was obviously was not a fan of the box that I had received either and decided to take matters into his own hands.  While I was out of town this week for work, my wife had found this great box sitting on my doorstep this week.


Jester King Love

From Left to Right:
Jester King Boxers Revenge – American Wild Ale – 10.2% ABV  (WANT)
Jester King Buddha’s Brew – American Wild Ale – 4.7 ABV%   (WANT)
Jester King Das Uberkind Organic Vieille Saison ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.5% ABV
Jester King Das Wunderkind ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 4.5% ABV
Jester King El Cedro Hoppy Cedar Aged Ale with Brettanomyces ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 8.0% ABV   (WANT)
Jester King Funk Metal Sour Barrel Aged Stout ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.2% ABV   (WANT)

While the sender has asked me to keep him anonymous, I still felt compelled to post this haul and give him a shout out anyways.  Thanks for the love, mystery dude from Houston Texas.  Revenge will be mine…

So I recently made a trade with guy from Minnesota where he was going to send me a bomber of 2012 Abyss in exchange for a big bottle of 3F Oude Gueze.


Needless to say, I got buried with some great extras… Normally, I usually dread when someone sends me IPAs as extras because I just don’t have time to slam them down immediately and have in the past had an IPA or two get lost in my basement (ie Pliny) well past their bottling date, but this is an exception as these are some great and highly rated IPAs.