Who am I?

I was born and raised in/around the Buffalo NY area (with a 6 month stint in the West Palm Beach, FL area).  I am happily married to a broke musician, have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and work way too much.  Both of my jobs are somewhat focused around drinking (sort of) and I stated this blog was basically a way to remember my adventures and for my friends to enjoy.  I am a beer vendor at the First Niagara Center for the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits.  I peddle bad beer to the masses but it is a job I love and have been doing for over 19 years now.  My other job (which I sadly call a career) is as an Independent Contractor for various Inventory Fianance Companies.  The pay is unstable, the hours really suck and the travelling is over rated…but, the travelling does allow me to try new brewpubs, beers, bottle shops and breweries all over the place.

I have been a craft beer drinker for about 11 years and really regret not tracking all the places I went to and all the great beers I have had over the years.  In June 2011, I decided to start tracking these adventures by reviewing beers and places I visit on BeerAdvocate.com.  But, as of October 2013, I decided to pull all of my information from BeerAdvocate.com and transferred it all to RateBeer.com now.  I can also be contacted about anything on TalkBeer.com under Merc7186 as well.

Also, thanks to BeerAdvocate wiping out my entire profile, I have moved all of my information over to this page…

Former Bruery Reserve Society Member.

Shipping to me (PLEASE READ):
I would prefer any boxes to land at my house on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday as I work out of town typically during the middle of the week and if the box is too heavy, my wife may leave it on the porch until I return.

My Trading Etiquette: (not for everyone apparently)
1. I Send extras!!!
2. I Love extras!!!
3. A WANTS LIST should not be limited to Whales Only.
4. I do not chase down the new ‘Flavor of the Week’ nor do I want it.
5. I do not read the ISO:FT thread for trades, I read it for amusement because every ‘Flavor of the Week’ definitely deserves BCS Rare in return.
6. I will send you local extras or other beers that you don’t get, If you don’t feel the same way about extras, then tell me before I ship out. I love getting local cans and bottles of stuff that I can’t get or have never ticked. I have plenty of glassware already but I am not going to refuse it either. If you are good with extras, then you may have a thread written about you…
7. If it is on my Wants list, then I want it., regardless of when it was added.
8. If you make an offer and it is accepted along with addresses exchanged, then follow through with it.
9. If the beer you send has the word PALE in it somewhere and over 10 weeks old, its garbage, not an extra.

Top Wants:
Drie Fonteinen Vintage Gueze
Drie Fonteinen Faro
Russian River Pliny the Younger
I LOVE Sours, Lambics, and Gueuze beers.
I HATE Russian Imperials Stouts and Baltic Porters
(in other words, send sours and don’t send stouts)

Completed Trades With The Following BeerAdvocate Users:
monkeymagic72 (CA) (Infinite Trades) – Will Vouche For
ipaking67 (PA)
trodersark (CA) x5
sommersb (TN) x2
larryi86 (DE)
isualum12 (ID)
lexzicat (AL)
yesferro (MS)
jenray (TX)
gawnphishin (TX)
eggodoom (TN)
gambac (CA)
wtbrooks (PA)
Jish (CO)
optimator12 (LA) x2
azdback (AZ)
tsblack05 (NJ)
danwho (CA)
Angst (CA)
bobhits (KY)
smarcoly (CA)
ipas-for-life (VA)
Fujii13 (NY) – In Person – Will Vouche For
OCBeerSociety (CA)
BeerdrinkEER (KY)
Jpwv (NC)
xraided81 (CA)
thagr81us (SC)
MeisterSmudge (IN)
Lordkrystic (OR) x2
Willandperry (OK)(-)
Mike409 (MI)
Yummybeer (PA)
Sendsilk (FL)
Beerboy9960 (OK)
Cayenne (CA)
KevinMc79 (IL)
Lionssoccer13 (FL)
EliSpitzner (MN)
BeerGuyEsquire (MN)
w_klon (OR) x2
itsthepleats (OH)
SDStoneEnthusiast (CA)(-)
Illyosis (TX) x3

Trades In Process:
Tofuspeedstar (TX) (Package Sent)(Awaiting Return Package)

Won’t trade with:
Kneary13 (MA)

BIFs Hosted on BeerAdvocate:
~ Sours for Dummies (Sent to JCDenver)(Received from JMarsh123)
~ Sours for Dummies Two (Sent to thedarkestlord and biglobo8971)(Received from thedarkestlord and w_klon)
~ Sours for Dummies III Pepcid’s Revenge (Sent to w_klon and RC0032)(Received from RC0032 and Mizzouguy)
~ Fantasy Hockey BIF – Frozen Whales II (Sent to Duffman929)

BIFs Hosted on TalkBeer:
~ Sours for Dummies  4 March of the Sourheads (in progress)

~ NHL Draft Lottery BIF 2014 (Sent to Lkptbourbon)

Previous Participated in the following BIFs on Beer Advocate:
~ 2012 Disc Golf BIF (shipped to Alewatcher)(received from Oreo)
~ Gang Bang BIF – Round 2 (participated in Buffalo NY group)
~ Movie Night BIF – Round 3 (shipped to miikezombie )(received from wiscobrew)
~ Gang Bang BIF – Round 3 (partipated in Buffalo NY group)
~ Fantasy Hockey BIF – Frozen Whales (finished tied for first)(received boxes from Crawbee87, RetailL10, VinZipper and Shrek806)
~ Stanley Cup Playoffs BIF 2013 (received from Cuzco)(received from twiggamortis420)(sent to IPAkindofguy)

~ March Madness 2014 BIF (Sent to Channels321)

LIFs Hosted on Beer Advocate:
~ Buffalo Zombie Mud Run LIF (shipped to ubenumber2)
~ It takes a good beer to be a good parent LIF (shipped to ruizjoseph)
~ 50 State LIF – Part 2 (shipped to YOpassDAmike)

LIFs Won on Beer Advocate:
~ 50 State LIF – Part 1 (hosted by ruizjoseph)


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