Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Horizontal

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Beer Drinking Adventures, Taste Test Results
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Something that I had been thinking about for a short while now was doing a horizontal tasting of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break.  For those that do not know what a horizontal is referring to, it is different from a vertical (which is having several different vintages of the same beer) where you have different variants of the same base beer.  An example of this would be Bruery Autumn Maple, which was brewed 4 different ways, the normal base beer, a Brett version, an oak barrel version and a bourbon barrel version.

Last year, Evil Twin did a special bottling for a gourmet grocery chain called DeCiccos where they took their base beer and added Hazelnuts and Chili Peppers to it.  Then several months ago, Evil Twin released another version with the base beer aged on cherries and a limited version that was aged in bourbon barrels.

Luckily for me, when the DeCiccos version was released at the grocery chain, I was covering that area of New York State and was able to obtain a case of it, many of said bottles have been forwarded on to other craft beer drinkers as extras or consumed.  Also, the Natale version (aged on cherries) was available at Premier Gourmet when released but the Barrel Aged version took a little more effort, which resulted in a trade with a friend of my buddy Fuj (thanks #brobro)



Cuvee de Imperial Biscotti Break

imageThe base version has a nice balanced slightly roasted chocolate malts, coffee and mild maple sweetness to it.
imageThe Natale version was similar to the base version but with the addition of the cherry sweetness to settle down the roasted coffee flavor.
imageThe DeCiccos version has a nice mild heat on the back end with the sweetness from the hazelnuts which comes through pretty well without being over powering.

The Bourbon Barrel Aged version was way too hot…too much bourbon booziness popping on this one and it overwhelmed the beer.  Not a fan at all.


While it was really cool to do the four bottles in order, the best version in both of our opinions was the DeCicco’s version because the heat was manageable and the hazelnut was a nice following taste without over powering the actual base beer.  Natale was a nice change of pace for me as the non-stout lover, where the sweetness was just enough to take that ‘heavy’ edge off of the beer.


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