So much for scaling down the cellar…

Posted: November 16, 2013 in As my wife would say, "Another Trade?", Rambing on about nothing in particular

Since the beginning of October, I have been busier than all hell between family obligations, working two jobs, GABF, work travel, etc.  I have really been trying to scale back the cellar because the bottle count is just way too high and there is zero need to buy beer anymore.  Unfortunately (which is the wrong choice of words here) I had a bunch of trades that I was still waiting on the receiving end of it and a few Beer It Forwards in the works going.  Well, since the calendar flipped to October, most of the boxes started to land and I have been too busy to even pay attention to them.  Well, 6 -12 bottle shippers and a 6 bottle shipper later and it is ‘bye bye’ shelf space.



My wife has been complaining to me about not getting into the basement freezer…I wonder why?


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