October 2013 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Monthly Reviews
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October was a great beer drinking month and kind of bittersweet in a way too.  On a high note, October means my return back to Colorado for the GABF and on a down note, I found out that I am getting laid off at the end of the year.   When one door closes, most of the time, another one opens…lets just see if that holds true in January.

You may notice a change in the scores this month too.  Since I am in the process of transferring my beer reviews from Beer Advocate over to Rate Beer, the scoring changes with the different website where the score is more rounded and less accurate.

Anyways, here were the monthly reviews…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for October (yes, I realize that there 7):

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me consider staying poor so that I can’t buy beer anymore:

  • Fat Heads Autumn Weisse ~ Hefeweizen ~ 3.3 /5 Rating
  • Breckenridge Brewing Peachtree Pale ~ American Pale Ale ~ 3.3 /5 Rating
  • New Belgium Fresh Hop India Pale Ale ~ American IPA ~ 3.2 /5 Rating
  • Equinox Brewing Space Ghost IPA ~ American IPA ~ 3.2 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that made me regret trying out a new brewery was Antietam Brewing Ottos Orchard Raspberry ~ Fruit / Vegetable Beer ~ 2.8 /5 Rating

I find it kind of funny that I went out to Colorado for two days of great beer and only one of them made the Top 5 (7) meanwhile three selections made my bottom 5 of this month.  I swear, it really was a good trip…

Anyways, as I had stated earlier, I found out that I am getting laid off at the end of the year.  The night that I had found out this wonderful news, I decided that the only thing that could cheer me up was to rescue my prior beer purchases from EtreGourmet.be and bring them home (or course with some extra bottles too).   One reason why I like Etregourmet.be is that you can get some really great Belgian beers at a decent price but the shipping will kill you.  Thankfully, once you pay for shipping, the website is pretty quick to get your box packed up and across the ocean in 10 business days.  Here was my haul…


From Left to Right…

  • Cuvee De Ranke
  • Kriek De Ranke
  • Drie Fonteinen Doesjel
  • 2x Cantillon Mamouche
  • 3x Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus
  • Oude Gueze De Cam
  • Framboise Lambiek De Cam
  • Kriek Lambiek De Cam
  • Lambiek Special De Cam
  • Oude Lambiek De Cam

Yup, I feel better….


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