Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Beer It Forward

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Beer It Forward

As my time on Beer Advocate is coming to a close soon due to recent changes to the website, I am passing the time by completing the remainder of my Beer It Forwards.  One such BIF that I am involved in was called Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.  Basically, the first person sent a 12 bottle shipper out to a target that contained 3 Barleywines, 3 American Wild Ales, 3 Stouts and 3 extras.   When a box arrived on your doorstep then you had to make the decision of what beers to keep.  For this particular BIF, you kept the three extras then have to decide which of the remaining bottles to keep…the catch is, you have to keep 6 of the 9 bottles and at least one Barleywine, one Wild Ale and one Stout.  Once you have made your decision and pulled your bottles, then you had to replace them with bottles of equal or better quality.

Here were the bottles that arrived at my doorstep…


The Barleywines


The Wild Ales


The Stouts


The Extras


Now, the extras are mine (and solid ones too), now I have to take 6 other bottles from the remaining 9 and at least one from each group.  With a solid line up like this one, picking will be hard (but the sours are all coming home to papa, obviously).


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