September 2013 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Monthly Reviews
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September was kind of a light drinking month for me because I coming down to the wire for the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run and my territory for work changed as well.  Add on all of the typical trappings of having a family and a second job…and there just aren’t enough hours in the day at times.  But as they say, when one door closes, another one opens…I was able to make a stop into the new tasting room at Hoppin’ Frog.

Top 5 Beer Reviews for September:

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me slow down this month:

  • Three Floyds Tiberian Inquisitor ~ Belgian Strong Pale Ale ~ 3.61 /5 Rating
  • Black Market Brewing 1945 Berliner Weisse ~ Berliner Weissbier ~ 3.61 /5 Rating
  • Pearl Street Brewing Trainwreck ~ Altbier ~ 3.33 /5 Rating
  • Hoppin’ Frog Turbo Shandy ~ Fruit / Vegetable Beer ~ 3.13 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that was the worst interpretation of beer was Pearl Street Brewing Sabres’ Edge ~ American Double / Imperial IPA ~ 2.53 /5 Rating

Speaking of one door closing and another one opening…In the past two and a half years, I have been an active participant on the website . While using that site for my craft beer needs, I have added over 1350+ beer reviews and 120 place reviews along with meet some great people over the years.  Also, I have joined a great group of guys in the Buffalo area and have formed a solid tasting group and bond with them.

Over the past 6 months, the website has added a bunch of site moderators that rule with an iron fist and have made the site a lot less fun.  Please don’t get me wrong, things were not complete anarchy before and are now civil…its just that you really have to walk on eggshells when ever you post about anything.  Since things have changed for the worst, a new website popped up called .   Over this past weekend, a good number of long time active members from BeerAdvocate were banned from the website just for having an account on the BeerTrading website, without any real explanation.  These people that were kicked off the site were long time contributors and beer reviewers and literally the backbone of the website.    One of these long time members was a user called oldpOrt, who was an active member of the website for over a decade and also maintained the bad trader list for the website, was also banned with no real reason.   To make matters worse, because I had a link to the bad traders list on my site profile, my entire profile was wiped out and I was given a warning for having illegal content on my profile.   Between the mass exodus of many great users and this bullshit from ‘the alstrom brothers’, I am going to permanently leave the site myself at the end of the year.   The reason why I am using it for the time being is because I am hosting a Sour Beer Beer It Forward at the moment and have to see it through to the end plus I also want to transfer over all my reviews to so that I can maintain my long running beer reviews…but this will take some good amount of time.

Now that I have gotten over my Debbie downer moment, I would gladly like to point out that the GABF starts in 7 days…and you can bet your ass that I have my tickets punched for it.   I am flying out on Friday morning, meeting up with a couple of friends at the airport and doing a 60 hour beercation through Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, Boulder and Denver Colorado.   You can bet your ass that there will be posts to come….


I almost forgot to update on my Hunt for Tapper … so over the past couple of weeks, I have popped onto various websites trying to find a working version of the original arcade game.

Now for those that do not know what I mean when I say Original Video Game, the original version produced served beer and had Budweiser logos on the marquee and screen.  After it was out for about a year, the format was changed to Root Beer Tapper because it was ‘more appropriate’ for the video game crowd.  Now when the game was originally marketed, it was done with the Budweiser logos to try and appeal to minors and drinking…at the time, most video games were found at Video Game Arcades that were usually inhabited by young kids just pumping in quarters.

I had a beat on one over the weekend on ebay from a guy in Northern NJ.  It was originally listed at $499 and had stayed near that price for most of the auction.  Unfortunately, in the very last minute of the auction, the bidding war took off from $535 up to the finishing price of $1112.  As much as I want this game, I do not have that kind of coin to drop at this time…but the search continues.


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