Damn You #craftbeer, Why Have You Forsaken Me!!! ~ The Final Chapter

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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Well, the final countdown to my running armageddon is quickly approaching in just three weeks.  It seems like I just started my running a couple of weeks ago but it has roughly been three months now since I first slugged my fat ass up one side and down the other side of my street….and very slowly at that.

To quickly recap, I was sucked into running the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run from my wife and her friends.  Originally, it was going to be a group of 6-8 of us participating in the event but it turned out that I was the only one dumb enough to actually register for it.  That’s okay, I needed any excuse to shed some of my Beer Advocate Build and get into a shape that didn’t resemble a pear.

When I started this little adventure, I weighed a plump 262.0 pounds…after the first month, that fell to 256.6 pounds…then after the second month, the trend continued with it falling to 250.8 pounds…and as of today, three months in, it is down to 246.3 pounds, a total weight loss of 15.7 pounds to date.

As for the running aspect, my first run was a complete dumpster fire.  It has since gotten better from a 12.10 mile to a pretty consistent 30 minute run around the 3.10 mile mark.  I was hoping to have gotten a little farther on the distance in the same 30 minute time period but seem to have hit the wall a little bit.  I have tried changing up my routine a little bit but it seems to have been more detrimental over the past week then helpful.  Back to the drawing board I guess.

Also, given that the time is starting to draw near for the actual race, I decided to give a little back to the beer community (and increase any beer karma that may exist) by creating a LIF (Lottery It Forward) called Buffalo Zombie Mud Run LIF.  Basically, I am offering up several bottles of beer to the person that guesses the closest time of my run (without going over) or if I happen to not survive the run, then the person who guesses closest my farthest distance before my demise.  It is just my little way of giving back to the craft beer community, from which has sucked me into spending thousands of dollars and stocking up my cellar.

20 days to the apocalypse…a nice morning run with a first mile of 8.22 (which is a new best for me this year) but seemed to slow down as I got further along…still managed 3.13 miles in my 30 minutes.

17 days to the apocalypse…730am in the morning should not produce 120% humidity when its 68 degrees out.  Ran my fastest mile at 8.09 minutes and finished with a best distance of 3.18 miles in 30 minutes.

8 days to the apocalypse… No, I haven’t quit running, I got smacked with a sinus infection last weekend that then turned into a head cold.  I had to force myself to go out and run tonight.  Even with a head full of sinus crap, I decided to take it easy with the run tonight and only managed a 8.59 first mile and distance of 3.05 miles.  Not bad considering that I spitting out huge wads of grossness as I was going along.

5 days to the apocalypse… I am still feeling the effects of my sinus infection/head cold and my throat is still pretty raw at this point.  With that being said, this race isn’t going to run itself.  I forced myself to go out for a run tonight and stick with the same running format that I attempted the other night with running 1/3 mile sprints then walking it for 1/10th mile.  It still got me over three miles easily in my 30 minute allotment but my cell phone died and had no GPS to get accurate distance but was farther than I was the other night.  One more training run before the race.

3 days to the apocalypse… I went for my last training run before the race this saturday morning.  I picked a hell of a day for my final run as it was 88 degrees at the start of my jaunt.  I wanted to take it easy because of the heat and didn’t want to burn out for saturday morning, but still managed 3.02 miles in 30 minutes.  Not bad considering that I was stuck on 2.84 miles for a long time in July.

Zombies……Run…..  Today is the day…20 pounds lighter and as much as I would like to say “Ready to go”…my sinuses are still busted up.  Results to come very soon.


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