Beer Review – #Bruery Or Xata

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular, Taste Test Results
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As some of you may know that I am a Reserve Society member of Bruery.  I turned into a Bruery fanboy about three years when I came across bottles of Autumn Maple at a local bottle shop in Buffalo for 4.99/each.  The funny thing is was that they had gotten the bottles shipped to them in error and were just dumping them.  Coincedentally, the Bruery are going to finally start hitting the shelves here in Western New York in the very near future.

Since I started my love for Bruery beers, I had been trading for them and scooping them up when I am on the road whenever possible.  In that time fram, I have amassed a very nice collection over the years where my bottle count was over 70 different beers from them at any given point, including Wanderer, Batch 1 Chocolate Rain, Papier Partridge in a Pear Tree, Batch 1 Levuds and BA Batch 1 Levuds.  Unfrotunately, ever since I have joined their Reserve Society, I have had very few beers that had impressed me enough to keep my love for the Bruery alive.  Although I really was impressed with the recent release of Sour in the Rye with Kumquats, it wasn’t the impressive original beer that I guess I am now on the search for….well, that search is over with their recent release of Or Xata.

Horchata differs from the many countries that make and serve it.  I had first learned (and loved) Horchata when I was in Cancun Mexico about 5 years ago.  The Mexican variation of the Horchata is typically made with Rice, Cinnamon, and sometimes Vanilla.  Now other Latin American Countries, Spain and Italy vary their ingredients with things like Evaporated Milk, Sugar, TigerNuts, Sesame Seeds or Rum but the end result is usually a milky, sweet concoction.


Bruery’s Or Xata is listed as American Blonde Ale brewered with Rice, Cinnamon and Vanilla Beans, plus comes in with a hefty 7.0% ABV.  Here was my reviews of Or Xata:

Appearance:  Amber/Golen Straw Hue, Passe Some Light, White Head Ring, Maintains Some Lacing

Smell:  Cinnamon, Rice Pudding, Mild Vanilla, MIld Cream

Taste:  Creamy Rice Pudding, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon

Mouthfeel:  Decent Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Mildly Sweet

Overall:  This beer fits the description to the finest ingredients listed and a very good respresentation of the actual Mexican Horchata style in beer form.  SOLID.  Scored 4.50 /5 points.

This beer has put my faith back into the Bruery as a solid original beer that not many (or any) breweries are attempting, let alone pulling off solidly.  My original order of 3 bottles had already been depleted and forced me to buy 3 more to enjoy.  I just hope that they last longer than the first three bottles…which was only two weeks.


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