Tired Hands Brewing Company ~ Ardmore PA

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Beer Drinking Adventures
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So my wife decided that we would take a nice family trip down to Sesame Place this summer with my mother and mother in law.  From Buffalo NY to Sesame Place, it is about a six hour drive if you go straight through but when you have a three year old and two old people with you, it takes much much much longer.  My daughter had vomited four times in the first three hours from either car sickness or motion sickness but got it together when we stopped for lunch in Binghamton.  We made the rest of the trip without further incident, checked into our hotel then hit Sesame Place for a couple of hours.  The next morning, went back to Sesame Place for another 8 hours when we decided to call it quits.  After dinner, my mom said that she was wiped out and just wanted to stay in and offered to watch my daughter….30 minutes later, I found myself just off the Villanova campus and in front of Tired Hands Brewing.

Tired Hands Brewing

The exterior of the building has the old ‘small town’ brick facet about it with a small front porch and big picture window. The interior is much the same with a tight thin interior, brick walls on both sides, a long wooden bar with about 12-15 spots, about a half dozen dozen tables against the far wall.  They had a very tight brewing operation in the back of the building that was cordoned off by a glass wall.  The wife was pretty tired when we arrived but allowed me to stay for an hour before she was tapped out for the night.  While there, I got to sample some of their beers…

  • … (Ellipsis) ~ Dubbel ~ 7.6% ABV … a Brett dubble that ha d a nice red wine barrel taste to it…loved this beer.
  • Phantom With Three Different Colored Eyes ~ American Double / Imperial IPA ~ 8.0% ABV … A very citrusy, rind heavy, piney IPA…it was good.
  • Mr. Alien ~ Berliner Weissbier ~ 4.0% ABV … Brewed with wheat.  Hopped lightly with Simcoe.  This beer was very boring, had a mild yeast and mild lemon taste but very plain and flat.
  • Pleasant ~ American Black Ale ~ 5.8% ABV …  Brewed with rye and oats.  Well hopped exclusively with Simcoe.  Personally, I liked it a lot, very hop forward with rye in the back end
  • Penelope ~ American IPA ~ 6.4% ABV … Brewed with wheat.  Well hopped with Simcoe and Centennial.  A very nice citrusy, juicy, grainy IPA.

Overall, I really liked the brewery, had a nice vibe to it, the beers were decent and the service was great.  Even took home some roadies..



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