July 2013 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Monthly Reviews
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I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of beer reviews that I am doing per month ever since I started running and trying to lose weight….gonna have to change that.  Actually, just on a quick glance of 2013, in the months from January through May, I was averaging 56 beer reviews per month…since the end of May, I have only average 36 beer reviews per month.  I am such a slacker…

Anyways, as it is the dog days of summer, the Buffalo tasting group had out big mid-summer bottle share which we dubbed Chopkofest and featured the rare yearly appearance in the 716 of the one and only Fuj too.  While the event was a really great time and we slammed through a ton of great beers including a wide array from Hill Farmstead (that even drew the ire from Shawn Hill himself), I had to cut it short myself because of babysitting issues.  Anyways, here is the good stuff…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for July:

The 5 Beer Reviews that made me realize that not every beer is a good beer during the month of July:

  • Molson Canadian 67 Sublime ~ Light Lager ~ 2.75 /5 Rating
  • Zywiec Breweries Zywiec Beer ~ Euro Pale Lager ~ 2.71 /5 Rating
  • Molson Brador ~ American Malt Liquor ~ 2.70 /5 Rating
  • Pan American Brewing The Terminator ~ American Pale Ale ~ 2.51 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that brought me to my knees (to vomit) was Bud Light Platinum ~ Light Lager ~ 2.43 /5 Rating

As you can see from these results, my highs were high…but my lows were extremely low.  I guess you can’t always drink White Whales.


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