Damn You #craftbeer , Why Have You Forsaken Me!!! ~ Part III

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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So begins the third installment of the craft beer guzzling fat guy journal of mine….as stated in the original post that my goal was to not only run in the Buffalo Zombie Run but to survive it.  When I had started this escapade, I was holding a solid BA weight of 262.0 pounds and a lumpy piece of crap.   Well, it has been two months since that original weight was taken and am proud to say that it has decreased nicely through some hard work and craft beer sacrifice.  As of 7/20, my weight was listed at 250.8 pounds…a nice 11 pound drop in two months.

With the Zombie Run coming up on September 14th, I have less than two months to drop more weight and increase my running performance.  My current running regiment has been to push for distance in a 30 minute time frame.  My goal was to break the 5K mark (3.1 miles) in under that 30 minute time frame by mid-July but the best I could muster up by then was 3.01 miles.  This month has been really hard to get out and run with the temperatures being in the 90’s for several weeks straight and my crazy work schedule.

Month Three. Day +1  Had to take the day off from work because my sump pump broke down over the weekend and my basement flooded, so I needed another day to finish cleaning it out and wipe everything down.  My leg was bothering before I got out to run this morning but the temperatures were in the high 70’s and I needed to get out…with that being said, I was a week late to obtain my goal but finally broke it this morning…pulled off a 3.13 mile run in 30 minutes.   My new problem is that the bike path that I run is only a 3 mile circle, so to continue to push forward in distance is almost impossible.  I think I am going to switch my routine now to run the 3.1 miles and just do it in the fastest time possible.

Month Three. Day +4 Too much yard work to get out for a run last night, so I saved it for this morning.  But before I could get out for the job, I decided to do another weight test this morning… I just didn’t know that it would lead to my wife giving me a little shit…for losing weight.  If someone has women figured out, please explain this to me.  Anyways, my weight as of this morning is a lean (LOL) 247.4 pounds….down almost 15 pounds since I start this whole adventure.  3.10 miles in 30 minutes today (and yes, I broke the 3.1 marker before it hit 30 minutes).

Month Three. Day +7 Again…another run and another 3.10 miles in 30 minutes.  I am having a hard time getting to that 3.20 mile marker…mental block.

Month Three. Day +9 I felt like crap from lack of sleep and just wasn’t feeling it…with that being said, I am still surprised that I was able to pull off 2.95 miles during my 30 minutes today.

Month Three. Day +13 After a long weekend of a family trip down to Sesame Place and Hershey with the family, I needed to get out and run…felt lazy this morning but managed to get my best run in with 3.14 miles in 30 minutes.  I need to break that 3.25 mile soon…

Month Three. Day +16  Long work day, 4 hour drive home from Albany to Buffalo then went for a run…was sucking wind the entire time and could only muster a 2.97 mile run.  Ugh.  On a positive note, I did weight myself this morning and was down to 246.2 pounds …thats 15.8 pounds dropped since this whole adventure started.

Month Three. Day +18  A great morning for a run…the bike path was a little too crowded for my liking and leg muscles were a little tight.  3.07 miles in 30 minutes.

Month Three. Day +20  I felt great for the first half of the run but was sucking wind by the second mile…still managed 3.14 miles in 30 minutes.  I also weighed myself this morning and am down to 244.1 pounds  🙂

Month Three. Day +25  Life has sucked lately for work and not running consistently has definitely gotten harder.  3.00 miles in my 30 minute allotment.

Month Three. Day +28  Ugh..felt like crap before running and it showed today, plus the mid 80s temperatures knocked hell out of me.  2.90 miles.

Month Three. Day +30  It seems like I am regressing….my shin was on fire after about a half mile so I took it easy and finished 2.87 miles.


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