Damn You #craftbeer, Why Have You Forsaken Me!!! ~ Part II

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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So as I stated last month, it was time to break off a couple of LBs and get into some sort of shape (even though a pear is a shape).  My goal was to not only participate in the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run but to survive it too.

When I started this little disaster, I was a plump 262.0 pounds….also known as a BeerAdvocate Build.  I had a plan to start running one mile then kick it up a half mile every two weeks.  Well, that plan was thrown to the side when I decided that it wasn’t good enough and decided to push myself.  After about 3 weeks of trying it, I realized that it wasn’t aggressive enough and decided to shift gears and challenge myself.  Instead of going up a half mile every couple of weeks, I am now doing a 30 minute timed run and pushing for distance during that time.  I downloaded a great app called Cardio Trainer which tracks my progress, times my runs, keeps track of my distance via GPS and calorie count.

When I started my new plan, I set the bar (I guess you can call it that) with a 2.33 mile run in the allotted 30 minutes.  Not exactly powering my way through it but you have to start somewhere.  I am doing these runs every other day to allow my body to recover properly, which has really helped out because my left knee has been giving me issues.  As of yesterday, the bar has been raised to:

30 minutes = 2.80 miles.

My goal at this moment is to break the 3.1 miles in 30 minutes by mid-July…3.1 miles is also known as 5 kilometers.  I am also going to sign up for a race or two before the Mud Run just to get back into that competitive spirit…and did I mention weight loss???

My weight loss goal was to drop 5 pounds in the first month, then get a little more aggressive with it.  As of this morning, I was at 256.6 pounds…so I hit my goal.  Now my new goal is to be under 250 within the next 30 days.

Game On.

As a little treat for hitting my weight goal and for setting my new bar, I decided to celebrate with a special treat last night. #properglassware


Month Two, +2   So on wednesday night, I did 2.80 miles in my 30 minute time limit with a 9.37 first mile and felt great when I got home.   Today, I ran this morning, pulled out a 9.30 first mile and could only stretch out 2.81 miles in 30 minutes…but worst of all, I feel like I got hit by a truck.

Month Two, +4  Ive spent the past day and a half outside in the hot sun doing yard work…so needless to say , I was feeling lazy.   Plus I learned a hard lesson by eating a bowl of cereal about an hour before I went for my run tonight and it came back to bite me in the stomach…cramped up BIG time.  With that being said, broke off a 9.13 first mile 🙂 only to finish up with a lazy 2.84 miles in 30 minutes.   Although it is my personal best for now, it was exactly as I described it, LAZY.  I felt sluggish, stomach cramped, worn out, and it was 87 degrees outside.  I have also been eyeing up a short 2.3 mile race on July 4th….not sure if I am going to do it but gotta make up my mind soon as the pre-registration deadline in this coming weekend.

Month Two, +7  My bad left knee has really been bothering me…so bad that I actually went out and brought a knee brace just so I could wear it while I was working.  When I got home that night, I decided to take it easy and go for a one mile run and leave it at that.  I had really bad issues with it in the past and didn’t want to run it into the ground like I had previously.

Month Two, +10  So I decided to change my running path and went to the beginning of the Amherst Bike Path as opposed to running the end of the bike path.  It has a little more of an incline to it and has a a loop that runs for just over 3 miles..my goal is to knock off the loop in under 30 minutes by mid-July.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do it today as I managed to break off my magic number of 2.84 miles (again) in 30 minutes but did manage to knock down my first mile to a time of 9.09.

Month Two, +12  My knee held up surprisingly well after my Saturday run and felt comfortable going out for another one with only one days rest in between runs.  I was having kind of a bad day because I got stung by a bee in the back of the neck and I am allergic to bee stings…between the sting and the allergy medicine I quickly slammed down, it left me feeling almost drunk.  I figured going for the run would help me clear my head and sweat out any toxins from my body (it sounded good in theory anyways).   So my first mile felt good, even with the inclines and managed my first mile at 9.10.   Not bad considering the extra pressure to the old knees…but as I pushed hard to best my distance, I fell just short of the 3 miles mark…by hitting 2.99 miles in 30 minutes…another fucking 50 feet and I could have cracked that 3 mile mark.  Better luck next time…

Month Two, +16  Yup, the knees didn’t hold up after all.  I hurt my bad knee working on tuesday morning then smashed my good knee later that night playing with the kid in the pool.  By the time the race rolled around on the 4th of July, I was still in no shape to hit the bricks, so I passed on the race and saved myself for this run.  The humidity was a bear and I just felt sluggish during the entire run and only ended up 2.94 miles after 30 minutes.

Month Two, +18  Well, the good news is that I have hit the 10 pound mark for weight loss as of this morning…I guess all that lack of beer drinking is finally starting to pay off.   Bad news…went for a run tonight and just didn’t feel it again, fell short with a 2.95 mile run after my allotted 30 minutes.

Month Two, +20  On the road again…was working in northern NJ and it was 92 degrees and humid as hell outside, so I was limited to treadmill action, which I hate…only did 2 miles on the treadmill.

Month Two, +23  Working on fridays is for suckers, which is why I almost never work on a friday.  If there was a ever a day for the stars to align and pull off a great run, today was it…nice 75 degrees outside, not too humid, knees felt good.  Broke off my fastest first mile at 9.01 but at the 1.1 mile marker, got ran off the path by some old douchebag who was wondering around aimlessly and rolled my ankle.  The second mile was still average for me even though I was walking more and taking it easy but after everything was said and done, I was able to get 3.01 miles in my allotted 30 minutes…a new personal best at this point but my ankle is swollen.

Month Two, +25  Something about running the morning after a bottle share and 92 degree, 100000% humidity and running just didn’t seem to mix.  After about 1.5 miles into my run, I started to get light headed and starting to feel weird….nothing like a little dehydration to ‘lighten’ the mood.   I still managed to bang out 2.84 miles during my 30 minutes then went home and drank a gallon of water.

Month Two, +29  The temperatures have been 90+ all week and things have just not been falling into place…dropped my car off this morning for an oil change and ran while it was being done.  Ugh…between the temperatures and the high winds forcing air down my lungs, I took it very very very easy and only managed 2.71 miles.  On a good note, I have 4 more days to hit my weight loss mark of 250 pounds…as of this morning, I weighed off at 250.9 ….fingers crossed.


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