Sours for Dummies Round Two ~ The Second Haul

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Beer It Forward
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As previously explained that I am the host of a Beer It Forward on Beer Advocate called Sours for Dummies.  My intention when I started this BIF was that it was the Sours BIF for the common man….low ounce limits, no whales required (although appreciated) but would also have to be of somewhat quality with a BA score of 85 or higher.  In Round One of the BIF, most of the boxes that were sent from one person to another were pretty high quality, with the exception of a lame box or two.  In this second round, again, with the exception of a box or two, the boxes have been bombs and really impressed their recipients (and myself).  The reason why this is the second haul because there was a late entry into the BIF that could not be squeezed into the rotation, so I took on two participants myself.

The first box that I received for this BIF was from the late comer into the BIF, this haul below was from my initial sender…and man, he did not disappoint:


Block 15 Enchantment ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 6.7% ABV ~ No BA Ratings

Block 15 Belmont Station 15th Anniversary Ale ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 9.0% ABV ~ BA Score 89

Logsdon Farmhouse Ale Oak Aged Bretta ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 8.0% ABV ~ BA Score 96 – WANT

Upright Brewing Gose ~ Gose ~ 5.2% ABV ~ BA Score 90 – WANT

Upright Brewing Belmont Station 14th Anniversary Ale ~ American Wild Ale ~ 4.75% ABV ~ BA Score 91

Upright Brewing (Sole Composition Series) De LA Seven ~ American Wild Ale ~ ABV Unknown ~ BA Score 89    (Bottle#41 of 114)

Breakside Brewing New World Bruin ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 7.0% ABV ~ BA Score 91

Upright Brewing Blend Love ~ American Wild Ale ~ 5.5% ABV ~ BA Score 94 – WANT

Deschutes Brewery The Dissident ~ Flanders Oud Bruin ~ 11.4% ABV ~ BA Score 94 – WANT

The Ale Apothocary El Cuatro ~ American Wild Ale ~ 11.9% ABV ~ No BA Ratings

Hair of the Dog Michael ~ Flanders Red Ale ~ 6.2% ABV ~ BA Score 85 – WANT

Block 15 Glass

Block 15 Enchantment T Shirt

All I can say is….HOLY FUCKING SHIT.  This is like my wet dream box filled with hard to get beers that fit perfectly into my wheel house.  This is why I love Beer Advocate for this very reason, for every douchebag on the website, there is also a really great trader who puts others before themselves.  I personally will never drink any of these bottles by myself because of the guilt I would feel.

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