Ounces and Ounces and Ounces Oh My….Beer It Forwards and Trades Galore.

So this week alone, beer trades and BIF boxes have increased deliveries in the NT area five fold…between a trade I set up, a haul from my Sours for Dummies BIF, Fantasy Hockey BIF, Playoff Hockey BIF and my Bruery Reserve Society haul, my cellar has been overflowing in ounces of craft beer deliciousness.

I received these beers from BA Cuzco for winning the first round of the Playoff Hockey BIF…


…then I made a ‘small’ trade with BA w_klon for these babies…


…along with the extras.


…then got these beers as part of my winnings from the Fantasy Hockey BIF that I won.


…then my Bruery haul from my Reserved Society…


…then my second box from my Sours for Dummies BIF.


Did I mention that I was trying to cut down the size of my cellar???   Fail!

Oops, forgot about this box that had also landed too…



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