May 2013 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Monthly Reviews
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Another great beer drinking month has come and gone.   I have started to slow down on my beer reviews and beer consumption overall because I am starting to push myself to get into better shape so that I can run the Buffalo Zombie Run in September.  Please don’t take this to task meaning that I have seen the error of my ways because I have certainly not…just scaling back a little bit.    I did end up hosting a pretty nice tasting at my house during the Memorial Day weekend and cracked some solid beers open with my bud Fuj too.  Anyways, lets get down to the nitty gritty…here they are:

Top 5 Beer Reviews for May:

The  5 Beer Reviews that slightly missed the mark for May:

  • Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach~ American Wild Ale ~ 3.43 /5 Rating
  • Southern Tier Brewing 2X Steam ~ California Common / Steam Beer ~ 3.35 /5 Rating
  • The Bruery Collaboration Series: Go Team! ~ Belgian Dark Ale ~ 3.35 /5 Rating
  • Tecate ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 2.48 /5 Rating
  • And the beer that needs he biggest helmet to ride the short bus was Grupo Modelo Corona Light ~ Light Lager ~ 2.03 /5 Rating

For last months top beers, they were really top…but the bottom beers really tasted like a bottom too.


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