So I started this Beer It Forward earlier this year after getting burned pretty bad on a BIF previously.  I wanted to run one that would favor some of my style preferences but would also ensure that everyone got great bottles.  In the first round of Sours for Dummies , I had received a great box from a guy in Indiana with some pretty solid beers in it.

In the first round of the BIF, I had 17 participants in total and most of the boxes were just outstanding and would have been great to have ended up on my doorstep.  For the second round, I wanted to try and get more participants so I put out a feeler for it and wanted to cap it off at 25 guys.  I figured that I would give everyone a deadline of 7 days to get signed up…well, after the first 48 hours, I was already up to 26 guys and before I could get it shut down, we topped off at 28 participants.   As much as I pumped to see the great response to my BIF, there also comes with a huge responsibility of getting targets assigned without over lapping, making sure that everyone sends by their deadline and following up on any broken boxes or even if someone stiffs on their box.  As a BIF organizer, that is the worst thing that can happen because if someone flakes out and doesn’t send a box, you are responsible for making sure that everyone gets a box, which means coming up with one for the missing box.  So if you are wondering why you would take the risk of organizing a BIF if you can get screwed…well, it also allows you to cherry pick the person sending to you too, so you may end up beers that you normally can’t get.

The same rules applied this round as there were in the last round…but I will reiterate them for those that are not aware of what the requirements were:

~ 75 oz minimum
~ Beers must be listed on Beer Advocate as a….
American Wild Ale
Flanders Oud Bruin
Flanders Red
Lambic – Fruit
Lambic – Unblended
…or a WANT of the target (any style, any rating)
~ There are zero exceptions to the required beers listed above
~ Beers must have a minimum rating on Beer Advocate of an 85 or higher…or…a rDev of 3.80 for beers with less than 10 ratings

In this particular round, I had a late entry from someone who participated in the first round, but failed to realize that I had already assigned all of the targets.  Well, the only thing I could do was send to two different people and get two boxes back in return.  This haul was from the guy that I botched…


From Left to Right:

Also pictured are a Half Acre Brewing Pint Glass, Half Acre Snifter Glass, several Half Acre Stickers and Half Acre T Shirt.

As you can see, I got my porch busted up pretty damn and have started to fill up the basement with lots of nice sour beers. Boom.  I can’t wait for my second box to land…


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