Every year for the Memorial Day weekend, my best friend and his family come into town to visit family and hang out with us.  For the past several years, I have attempted to put together a tasting with my local Buffalo BAs, so that we can showcase some of our great beers that we typically open for each.  Last Year’s Memorial Day Weekend tasting went very well and I wanted to make sure that we did this one even better than the previous year.  Some of the great beers that I was able to share with everyone was my Tired Hands haul from my Fantasy Hockey BIF , a growler of Bruery Berazzled sent from my buddy Matt in California and of course, my bottles of Bruery Batch 1 Levuds.  Well, the guys in the tasting group really wanted to put the screws to me and compiled a vertical of Deschutes Abyss (minus the infected bottle from 2009) along with some other great selections

I had informed the group that this tasting was kicking of at 3pm sharp…and after doing hours of yard work, I was ready to go about 10 minutes before hand.  In attendance for the tasting other than myself, my wife, my best friend T were my Beer Advocate brethren Chopko, Tom, Aaron, Brandon, Pete, Tim, and Joe.  Even though I told guys not to bring beer because we had plenty to go around, it still turned out to be an epic bottle share (and no one listened because they all showed up with extra bottles)(..but didnt go home with any).  Here were the offerings that didn’t survive the tasting…

As you can see from the line up that we went through that night, it was a marathon, not a race… 29 beers (10 from growlers), 1 mead, 18 coiled sausages and 3 hamburgers consumed.  Another great tasting…

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