Bruery Batch 1 Levuds and Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch 1 Levuds

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Brewery Feature
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Levuds and BA Levuds were the very first batches of beer made by The Bruery in the early summer of 2008 and was the creation of Mark Graham and Loren Miraglia, winners of the Bruery Homebrew Competition to have their beer made as the first production batch.   For this first production run beer, Bruery only produced 2137 bottles with each bottle being individually hand numbered and signed by the owner Patrick Rue and head brewer Tyler King.  They also produced a bourbon barrel aged version of this beer but only 456 bottles were put out to market, so having a complete set is pretty rare 5 years after the fact.  Batch 1 Levuds is considered a Belgian Golden Ale brewed with belgian sugars, Czech and Slovenian hops.


It is a well known fact that I have been a Bruery fanboy since I started my bottle collection several years ago.  While I have this pair for a while now, I was waiting to open it up on a special occassion or for no particular reason.  Since my best friend was in town for Memorial Day weekend, I decided that it would be a good time to round up the tasting group and crack these puppies open.



Bruery Batch 1 Levuds

Appearance: Amber/Golden Straw Hue, Passes Some Light, White Head Ring, Mild Lacing

Smell: Sweet Malts, Mild Ginger, Mild Pear

Taste: Sweet Malts, Ginger, Belgian Sugar

Moutfeel: Average Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Mildly Sweet, Mildly Sticky

Overall: I would have liked to have had this beer fresh to see how the hop profile would have tasted in its truest form instead of the malted version.  The beer had a sticky, syrupy taste on the finish after you get over the initial maltiness.



Bruery Batch 1 Levuds: Bourbon Barrel Aged

Appearance: Hazy Orangish Hue, Passes Some Light, Thin White Head Ring, No Lacing

Smell: Vanilla, Bourbon

Taste: Vanilla, Bourbon, Semi Sweet Malts

Mouthfeel: No Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Semi Sweet

Overall: It was good to know that they didn’t force carbonate this beer after they pulled it out of the barrel.  The bourbon flavor was there but not over powering at all compared to the booze barrel bombs of today.  Again, like the original batch, this batch too had that syrupy sweetness and stickiness with it.

It was great to have finally had these bottles as they have been staring at me for quite a while now.  It was even better to have shared them with my best friend and the guys in my tasting group.  These beers are truly the bottles that have a nostalgia about them and definitely deserved to be shared with many people, as you would not want to consume the whole thing yourself….and besides, isn’t that what good beer is supposed to be about.

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