So earlier this year, I joined a Fantasy Hockey Beer It Forward on    With most fantasy leagues, it is usually a head to head league but we had 11 participants in this league so that was not going to work.   Instead we decided to go with a Rotisserie league, which consists of many categories where everyone stacks up their stats against everyone, then is assigned points for where they place in each of those categories.  In this particular instance, we had 14 categories split between offense (Goals, Assists, Points, Power Play Points, Shots, Hits, Penalty Minutes, Plus/Minus) and goaltending (Wins, Goals Against, Goals Against Average, Saves, Save Percentage, Shutouts).   The point values went from 11 to 1, depending on where your stats compared to everyone else, you were assigned a value for your place for each category, most points at the end of the season Wins.

Now the boxes that you offered were voted upon by the entire league and ranked best to worst…the best box was given the first pick in the draft, the worst box was given the last pick in the draft.  Of course, everyone else offered a bunch of barrel aged beers while I offered a bunch of sours.   The must have full of a barrel aged stout chasing queers because I ended up smack dab in the middle of the pecking order.  Well, my draft was decent and I was happy with my draft after it was concluded.

The prize payouts for the league was that the overall winner got to pick the First, Second, Third, Seventh and Eighth pick of the boxes.  The person that ended up in second place got the Fourth and Fifth picks of boxes and Third Place got the Sixth pick of the boxes.  Those that finished in the top three did not have to offer up their boxes.

Thankfully I started off very hot and was the league leader right from the start…along with some necessary roster moves and some risks, I was able to maintain the league lead for a vast majority of the season.  But in typical fashion, it came down to the very last game of the season…even though I was winning most of the season, it still came down to the very last minute of the very last game.  Ottawa scored an empty net goal versus Boston, giving another guy an added assist, thus tying me for the top spot overall.  Instead of winning five boxes, I got to split the first and second place prizes totaling seven boxes with another person.

Since the league ended up in a tie, myself and BA OddNotion (Jesse) decided that we would settle it with a flip of the coin…which in typical ME fashion, I lost.   I ended up with 3.5 boxes of goodness coming to me anyhow.

Here was my haul from the league…

From BA Retail1Lo…


1 Liter Growlers from Tired Hands Brewing

Tired Hands Brewing is a newer brewery located outside of the Philadelphia area and opened for just short of one year now.  The rumor floating around is that they have been killing it with their beers, so I definitely look forward to cracking these bad boys open this weekend at my tasting.

From BA Crawbee87…


From BA VonZipper…


From BA Shrek806…


Overall, not a bad haul for three and half months of crazy scoreboard watching.

  1. Matt says:

    Since you’ve given up drinking, I can take some of those off your hands.

  2. […] got these beers as part of my winnings from the Fantasy Hockey BIF that I […]

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