Okay, so it is exactly all California loving in this box but it is pretty damn close and I will forgive those ‘other’ bottles.  For the record, I am a Bruery Reserve Society member and as part of my allocations that come out from time to time, it also the opportunity to purchase other releases of their beer or additional bottles of their RS member allocations.  My good friend Clarky has been a great trading partner of mine for what seems like forever now and is always kind enough to pick up my bottles from the Bruery and send them to me…along with some of these other California Shelf Turds.


From Left to Right (not including the doubles on the far right):

  • Bruery Mrs. Stoutfire
  • Bruery Saison Tonnellerie
  • Bruery Chocolate Rain (batch 3)
  • New Belgium La Folie
  • Russian River Pliny the Elder
  • Drie Fonteinen (3F) Zwet.be
  • Cantillon Saint Lamvinus
  • Bruery Imperial Lokael Red
  • Prairie Artisan Prairie Gold


  • Lost Abbey Angel’s Share Bourbon Barrel
  • Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomee
  • Lost Abbey Red Poppy

..the bottle of Cantillon Saint Lamnivus has been a Top Want for a long time now so I am super stoked to bury it in the basement and never drink it, just like I do with a lot of my beers.  LOL.

I have been trying to be more conscious about my cellar recently and it seems like it is getting to the tipping point now.  Although I have cut back on my bottle purchases, mainly because of the cost of the Bruery bottles and I want to start saving money, it seems that it keeps growing and growing.  Couple that with the two boxes I am getting from my Beer Advocate Sours for Dummies BIF (beer it forward) and the many boxes that I will soon be receiving from splitting the top prize from the Beer Advocate Frozen Whales Fantasy Hockey BIF (fuck you Erik Karlson and your empty netter assist in the last minute of the last game of the regular season) and my cellar is going to be on overflow.

Tasting anyone???   Well, Memorial Day is around the corner and the tasting that comes with it.

  1. Matt says:

    Cheers! And my beer collection seems to grow as well.

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