March 2013 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Monthly Reviews
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Another month has come and gone in a hurry.   As a dad, I look at my baby girl (who is now 3 years old) and think to myself, Where in the heck has the time gone???  Another month means another hectic work schedule with too much travel, a trip to Charlotte NC, and some really great beer reviews.  As you will see below that Cascade owned the month of March.   I really do love Cascade Brewing but their beers come at a very heavy price tag most of the time, so it is something that is not consumed on a daily basis (unfortunately) but without further delay…

Top 5 Beer Reviews for March (yup, I know there is 6):

The  5 Beer Reviews that fell very short for the month of March (again, 6):

  • Tree House Brewing Curiosity One ~ American Pale Ale ~ 3.45 /5 Rating
  • Birrificio Le Baladin Wayan Sour Edition 2010 ~ Saison / Farmhouse Ale ~ 3.45 /5 Rating
  • Lake Louie Brewery Radio Free I.B.A. ~ American Black Ale ~ 3.35 /5 Rating
  • Alpine Brewing Mandarin Nectar ~ Herbed / Spiced Beer ~ 3.20 /5 Rating
  • Yuengling Brewing Porter ~ American Porter ~ 3.18 /5
  • And the drain pour of the month was: Bud Light Lime ~ Light Lager ~ 2.34 /5 Rating

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