Craft Breweries Exposed??? Why microbrewers love Bud Light

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular

On my recent trip to Charlotte, I had learned a very dark secret about what some micro breweries are doing now.  If you have small children…please, cover their eyes.

Ever go into the local craft beer store and see the huge display of Bud Light, with a huge neon sign above it to stand out amongst the other bad beers.  You walk by it, scoff at it and think to yourself “Who in the hell buys that crap?”…well, the truth will finally be revealed and it may shock you.  I think back to the documentary movie ‘Beer Wars’ when they do a taste test of ‘true’ Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Coors Light drinkers…and they all fail miserably because it all tastes like water anyways.  Well, there is a new movement amongst small craft breweries who purchase cases of the watered down version of ‘the King of Beers’, for the sole purposes of…Cheap R&D???

Yes, it is true…Cheap Research and Development.  Since Bud Light is technically beer, given that it is made with ingredients similar to beer but still the closest thing that resembles water, small craft brewers are using it for a very cheap and quick source of testing out various hops.  If a brewer wants to test out the appearances, nose, and tastes of various hops (or a combination of them), they are opening bottles of Bud Light, dropping in the hop pellets, cones, or flowers into the ‘beer’ then recapping the bottles.  After letting them sit for several days, they can uncap the bottles and get a sense of what the various hops or hop combinations will do to beer.   Although a hop is a hop is a hop, even the same hop will differ in nose and taste ever so slightly from month to month or even batch to batch.

In essence, this is cheap and effective way to test out hop characterstics and to do so in such a timely matter too.  While I do not see many of these brewers cracking open a cold Bud Light for fun, it is an effective way to expand their craft for us good beer drinkers….and I thank them for their sacrifice.

…see ABInbev, all those millions and millions of dollars you invest during the Super Bowl are finally starting to pay off.


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