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Posted: February 28, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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After my last Beer It Forward was completed, I was still a little down about the box that I had gotten in it.  For some reason, it got me into thinking about running a BIF myself but I wanted to make sure that every bottle sent out was gonna be something of decent quality and have a decent score on Beer Advocate.

In my previous BIF, I received a bottle of a local Las Vegas Double IPA that only had a score of 76 on Beer Advocate, which is just a below average score.  I had recently opened the bottle and it was the worst Double IPA that I have ever had, just completely devoid of any hop character.  Unfortunately, there was no bottle dating on it so I don’t know if the guy sent me a horrible beer or if it was just an old bottle (an Pale, IPA, or DIPA should be consumed within 3 months of bottling to maintain the hop freshness, after 3 months, the hop character really starts to fade away).

For the Sours for Dummies BIF, I had to set some minimum guidelines for the participants to follow:

  • 75 oz minimum
  • Beers must be listed on Beer Advocate as… American Wild Ale,  Flanders Oud Bruin,  Flanders Red,  Gueuze Lambic – Fruit, or Lambic – Unblended
  • Beers must have a minimum rating on Beer Advocate of 85 or higher
  • Shipping Date will be set for March 4th.

I thought with having the minimum rating, it would prevent anyone from getting a bad bottle (thus preventing a repeat of what happened to me). I opened up a window of 7 days for guys to join in. After the 7 days window, I had a total of 17 participants join in. As you can see above, the shipping window is/was approaching but boxes are on the move and some have actually landed to their respective targets.

After working 3 very long and exhausted days, I only had to do some computer work at the house when my doorbell rang to find a wonderful surprise from Bloomington Indiana…


From the left to right…
25.2 oz Upland Brewing Raspberry Lambic – Want – 90 Rating
25.2 oz Boulevard Brewing Love Child No.2 – 93 Rating
25.2 oz Bruery Provisions Ichiago Highway – 87 Rating
25.2 oz Rivertowne Brewing Lambic – 88 Rating
12oz Sour Homebrew
25.2 oz Upland Brewing Blueberry Lambic – Want – 93 Rating

This is a killer box as I have had several Wants hit and finally get to try some Upland Lambics, which receive great reviews and much deserved praise. Their releases are semi limited and its hard to really trade for their beers, so I am super excited.

Beer Karma has prevailed once again…

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