Bruery Tasting

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Just another great tasting
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As all of my friends know that I am a huge Bruery fanboy.  I have been collecting the Rue family offerings for almost two years now, ever since I had received a Bruery beer as an extra in one of my first ever beer trades.  I had recently received several of my huge Wants from a generous Beer Advocate user who had extra bottles to give up.  Those particular bottles were going to be come my 1000th Beer Advocate Review but as luck would have it, I jumped on it too quick and it came prematurely.  Regardless, in celebration of it anyways, I was putting my entire Bruery collection on the table for my Buffalo Tasting Group to enjoy.


Unfortunately, the tasting date fell onto a weekend when the Western New York would see its worst snowstorm of the winter and it held back many of the participants.     Regardless, my friends Tim, Tom and Chopko still showed up.  Well, when you have only 4 people to drink, it is hard to run the gambit of an entire collection and still drive home safely, so we took it easy for the most part.  Chopko broke the rules and brought his own beer too that were non-Bruery beer…bastard.


Here were the beers consumed that night:

Bruery Provisions Series – Run BMC – American Double/Imperial Pilsner – 7.0% ABV
Bruery Provisions Series – Gunga Gulunga – American Wild Ale – 7.7% ABV
Bruery 5 Golden Rings – Belgian Strong Pale Ale – 11.5% ABV
Bruery Provisions Series – Tart of Darkness – American Wild Ale – 5.6% ABV
Bruery Sour in the Rye – American Wild Ale – 7.8% ABV
Bruery Oude Tart – Flanders Red Ale – 7.5% ABV
Bruery Provisions Series – Salt of the Earth – Gose – 5.0% ABV
Bruery Trois Poules Francois – Belgian Strong Dark Ale – 10.4% ABV
Bruery Provisions Series – Chocosaurus Rye –  Rye Ale – 7.0% ABV
Bruery Einers Folly – American Porter – 8.5% ABV
Allagash Curieux – Triple – 11.0% ABV
Pegs Cantina RareR DOS – American Double/Imperial Stout – ABV Unknown

Overall, we had some tasty brews and some other beers that didn’t go well with cellaring.  The worst part about it was hauling all of the unopened bottles back into the basement, what a pain in the ass it was.

  1. the fuj. says:

    What was the best beer of the day?

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