Movie Night Round 3 Beer It Forward (BIF)

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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Recently I have participated in a huge Beer It Forward (BIF) with my tasting group from Buffalo on  The guy that was running the BIF had recently started another BIF focused around movies too, where the sender would try to pick movies, snacks, and beers for their target.  Each participant would answer a bunch of questions as towards movie genre preference, favorite director, and styles of beer you like.  Each participant had to ship their boxes before January 28th and follow the guidelines below:

144 oz. minimum on beer
1 Bottle must be a want
1 Bottle must be local to you
1 Bottle should be film related
1 DVD/Blu-ray
1 Piece of Shwag, either Beer or Film related (Shaker/Pint Glasses are OK for this one)
1 Movie Snack

The person that I drew was from texas and a very active Beer Advocate user, so I was glad to destroy his front porch with one really huge box and one medium sized box.  I included 4 movies from his favorite genre/director, a hat and t-shirt from Ellicottville Brewing, a jar of locally made Hot Apple Salsa, 4 packages of Yancy’s Fancy artisan cheese, along with 240+ ounces of great beers including 3 of their wants.  I was glad to hit big with a great Beer Advocate user who truly deserved it.

As it would turn out to be my luck, I would draw the one person who would send out his box one week after the due date.  Its gets a little discerning when all the other participants are posting their great hauls on the website, meanwhile you are sitting and waiting patiently…but sometimes that is how it goes.  After eager anticipation, my box finally arrived today and here was my haul…



25.2oz Bruery Rueuze
25.2oz Bruery Autumn Maple
25.2oz New Glarus Raspberry Tart
22oz. Joseph James Brewing Hop Box
22oz. Tenaya Creek Old Jackalope
12oz. New Glarus Cran-Bic Ale
12oz. New Glarus Fat Squirrel Ale
12oz. New Glarus Smoke Rye Ale
12oz. New Glarus Apple Ale
12oz. New Glarus Spotted Cow
12oz. New Glarus Wisconsin Bock
12oz. New Glarus Enigma

Pineapple Express

Joseph James Pine Glass
Point Brewing T-Shirt

8 pack of Barritas Pineapple Filled Cookies
2oz bag of Papas Toreadas Habanero Kettle Chips
2oz bag of Papas Toreadas Fuego Kettle Chips
4oz bag of Takis Guacamole Corn Sticks

Overall, its an okay box but not exactly killing me with any whales or serious wants. Typically when someone is late to ship out, they usually compensate with a bigger box or more extras, but sadly not the case here. Hopefully Beer Karma will be kinder to me in the future.

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