Beer Advocate 1000th Beer Review

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Beer Drinking Adventures, Just another great tasting
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As most of my friends know that when it comes to beer, I have fun with it but also take it seriously. I have found that drinking good beer is time worth spending, especially with family, friends, and fellow craft beer junkies. One of my fondest memories from my childhood was being a little kid and sipping on my father’s Labatt 50 bullet bottles…or our first Nascar race together in Atlanta GA…or the first time he went to a micro brewery with me in Milwaukee…or the annual trips down to Allegheny State Park to go hunting, which really was an excuse to play cards and drink with his friends. Those things are all special memories that I have of my father and if you noticed, beer was always around. Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have to get drunk to enjoy my father’s company, but it was a good bond between a father and a son.

I have rather enjoyed craft beer for a decade now but didn’t get real serious into until about 2 years ago. Sure when I would travel for work, I would look to see what microbrewery or craft beer bar was near my hotel but I wasn’t full blown serious about it. Looking back, I’ve seen all the great beers that I have tried through out those years and realized that I never had a real appreciation or record of all the places I have stopped at or beers that I have tried. Enter Stage Left: Ticking.

Ticking is what every craft beer drinker does (whether they know it or not). Ticking is a way of tracking every beer that you consume with friends or in your travels. Thanks to smartphone apps like Untappd (and coming soon Beer Advocate app), it is easier than ever to knock’em back and have a record of doing so. Personally, I am not a ticker, I am Beer Reviewer (please let me saddle into my high horse). A Beer Reviewer gives a written account of their experience with the beer, where as a ticker will sniff a bottle cap or have a thimble sized sample of a beer and leave a numeric grade based upon their half second experience with the beer. Oh Yes, I am spitting on thee, ticker. For just under two years now, I have been writing full reviews on Beer Advocate for several reasons, 1) As a written account of experience with a beer for others to read and 2) As a documented account to remember which beers I have had the pleasure of trying. It was only until about 9 months ago that I also started using Untappd as a back up source and something I can track what my friends are drinking too. As time went on, my reviews began to pile up and before I knew it, I was quickly approaching a huge milestone, my 1000th beer review.

For this milestone, I wanted the beer of choice to be something special, something that would stand out with me. A very generous Beer Advocate user (Vurt) had gifted me two very special bottles for just that occasion. I had set up a special tasting with my tasting group friends for this coming Saturday where I am hosting a ‘DRINK MY BRUERY SHELF’ tasting where every Bruery beer is fair game (totaling almost 60 different bottles). Unfortunately, timing is not always my friend, so as I stumbled upon review number 999 without notice, those plans changed quickly. Here is what it turned out to be my 1000th review…


Drie Fonteinen (3F) Schaersbeekse Kriek – A barrel aged Lambic sitting in Schaersbeekse Cherries.


Bottled 4/28/10. Bomber into snifter glass.
Appearance: Reddish/Purple Hue, Passes Mild Light, Pinkish Head, Almost No Lacing (4.25 Rating)
Smell: Tart Cherries, Citrus Rind, Cranberry, Musty (4.00 Rating)
Taste: Tart Cherries, Cranberry, Sour Mash (4.50 Rating)
Mouthfeel: Average Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Semi Bitter, Mildly Acidic (4.25 Rating)

Overall: pretty sold tart cherry flavor as stated, the acidic flavor is there but not over powering to the point of making a sour face everytime you sip it.

Overall Score: 4.31/5 Rating


A great selection and one that I was very happy with…not to mention enjoying it along side other great 3F beers such as Oude Gueuze, Oude Kriek, and Oude Gueuze Golden Blend, it turned out to be a great night. This is just 1 of the over 1000 different beers that I have had the pleasure to put out onto the internet and share with others, but not the last by any means. The special bottles that were saved for this particular occasion will still be enjoyed this Saturday with my friends. And enjoying a good beer with friends is what it is all about… Thanks Dad.


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