Taste Test: Apricot Sours ~ Cantillon Fou Foune vs Cascade Brewing Apricot Ale vs Bruery Filmishmish

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Taste Test Results
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It is pretty common knowledge that I am a huge fan of sour beers and for a while now, I have been trying to land a Cantillon Fou Foune to stack it up against a Cascade Apricot Ale and a Bruery Filmishmish.  I had previously had an reviewed both the Cascade and the Bruery beers on seperate occassions but when the chance came up to try Fou Foune, I had to pull out the other two to see which was the Best Apricot Sour Ale.


Cantillon Fou Foune vs Cascade Apricot vs Bruery Filmishmish

So while we had a group of about 10 guys trying it, but I was only able to ask half the group about the beers and got their feelings of how they stacked up next to each other…

Cantillon Fou Foune 2011 Vintage (BEL) ~ 5.0 ABV

First Place Votes – 4
Second Place Votes – 1
Third Place Votes – 0

Cascade Brewing Apricot Ale (OR) ~ 8.5% ABV
First Place Votes – 1
Second Place Votes – 3
Third Place Votes – 1

Bruery Filmishmish (CA) ~ 5.8% ABV
First Place Votes – 0
Second Place Votes – 1
Third Place Votes – 4

The thoughts of everyone were pretty much the same about all three beers, Filmishmish was extremely sour and bitter, the Cascade was a little too subdued but still nicely balanced, where the Cantillon was just the perfect balance of apricot flavor and sour bitterness. While the results favored one beer, these beers are all still very solid and are worth trying.


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