Infused for the Holidays.

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Why buy it when you can make it

Every year my wife and I have a Christmas Party (Yes, I said Christmas, not Holiday or Winter party, if you are offended by my usage of the Christmas, then leave now) where we invite a bunch of friends and coworkers over to the house, eat a ton of food and drink whatever can be swallowed.

I decided this year that I would do an infused vodka because my past batches of infused vodka have been favorites at parties (and completely consumed).  This time, I wanted to a huge batch because I wanted it to not only last for our christmas party, but also bring some over to my sisters house for Christmas Eve dinner and then some.

For this batch, I was originally thinking of something fruity and was leaning towards a sweeter tropical vodka but then was talked out of it when some random chick (who lives in Colonie) said “That’s not very Christmas like”…so I had to rethink my plan after tossing around a bunch of new ideas, I ended up choosing Crispin Apple and Cinnamon sticks.


I like to use plain Pinnacle Vodka for my base because it is a nice drinkable vodka that isn’t too cheap or too expensive.


After carving the apples into slices and tossing out the cores, it was time to add the apple slices and cinnamon sticks into the decanter.  The last time I used cinnamon sticks, the cinnamon was very over powering and I wanted to draw out more of the mildly bitter apple flavor this time.


After letting the concoction sit for a full day, you have to take a spoon and push the apples around to make sure they stay moist and mostly submerged.  The more of the apple that is exposed to the air, the quicker the apples will brown up on you and turn mushy.


The final product came out very similar as to what I had in mind.  The nose of the vodka is still very strong but you also draw a nice blend of the cinnamon and the apples.  The taste on the other hand was a very nice crisp, mildly bitter apple with a light cinnamon finish.  Pour over a couple of cubes of ice and crush it.  It was a huge hit at the party and left me enough to take 8oz to my brother in law and about another 10oz for myself.

Mission Accomplished.  Merry Christmas.


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