Russian River Brewing (Feature and Tasting)

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Brewery Feature, Just another great tasting
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As it goes at times, some weeks I can knock out 3 or 4 blog posts and then go silent for 10 days straight.  Well, your 10 days are up…time for another brewery profile (and tasting).  I’ve been sitting on a pile for really good sour beers from Russian River for a while now and just decided that it was time to bang them all out in a shot.  Now, Russian Rivers claim to fame has been their famous and highly rated IPA, Pliny the Elder.  Pliny is considered the benchmark of American Double IPAs and has very few competitors to compare it to.  Russian River is based out of Santa Rose California and on top of their successful IPAs, they are also know for their sours and wild ales too.  Most of their Wild Ales are produced semi annually and are fairly easy to come by but there are also beers that are produced rarely and are a little harder to come by, such as Beatification.


Here are the pictured beers (from left to right):

  • Temptation
  • Damnation
  • Damnation Batch 23
  • Redemption
  • Consecration
  • Beatification

It is not like I don’t have anyone to enjoy these great beers with but I just felt that it was time to empty them out of the basement and to kill all of these beers in one fatal swoop.  Over the past year, I have been slowly turning my craft beer apprentice from the force to the dark side of beers.  When I first met Fuj, he was a sad soul who would flock to his local dive craft beer bar and take every thing they were serving as Truth.  Now he is forming into a true craft beer snob by shunning his old watering hole, start beer trading, going to releases, and loving sours.  The first time he experienced a sour beer (Bruery’s Mother Funker) he hated it and swore me up and down.  I will admit that Mother Funker is probably one of the most extreme sour beers I have had the pleasure to try, so maybe that was not the best choice for a sour beer noob.  But, I have taken the approach where I had to break down his weak beer soul and slowly build it back up into a true craft beer snob who appreciates a great sour beer.  I would not even thought of sharing these beers with him earlier this year but now he is at the point where he loves the sour beers (even though his post doesn’t show it, he was pretty excited to knock these down all at once)

Needless to say, there is not a bad selection amongst these beers.  They have a varying sour taste between them but I prefer the more extreme sour beers so Beatification was my favorite of all of these beers (and also the highest rated of these beers on Beer Advocate).

  1. […] On to the Russian River beers. Let’s just say all were phenomenal but did you really expect less? We saved the best, Beat B5, for last but all of them held up on their own. The Redemption was the only one they got kind of lost in the shuffle, but given that it is just a blonde all in a sea of all of these extreme ales all night, it was a given. I’m sure by itself it’s just as delicious of a brew. Check out Merc’s take on the lineup here. […]

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