Taste Test: Cantillon Classic Gueuze vs Cantillon 100% Bio Gueuze

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Taste Test Results
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Last week I attended a Sour Tasting with some pretty seasoned Beer Advocate veterans, so what better time to do a solid taste test with some solid Gueuze beers.  Now, what better Gueuze beers to do than some of Belgium’s best brewer, Cantillon.  Now, to make this far, I had previously rated one of the two beers, so there was no contamination or unfair weighting on either beer.   Also, to make things even more level, both beers that were tasted this night were both Bottled in 2010.  Let’s see what happened…


Cantillon Classic Gueuze (2010)

Appearance: Hazy Golden Straw Hue, Passes Some Light, White Head Ring, Mild Lacing
Smell: Sour Mash, Earthy, Hay, Apricots
Taste:  Apricots, Hay, Sour Mash
Mouthfeel: Decent Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Semi Sour

Overall Rating: 4.38 /5

Cantillon Gueuze 100% Bio

Appearnace: Deep Orange/Mild Amber Hue, Passes Some Light, White Head Ring, No Lacing
Smell:  Hay, Lemongrass, Mildly Vinegary
Taste:  Semi Acidic (some citrus/some vingar), Lemony
Mouthfeel:  Average Carbonation, Light to Medium, Mildly Acidic

Overall Rating: 4.38 /5

As you can see, it was a tie on the scoreboard.  You can definitely see a color difference between the two beers and the Classic was definitely more bitter than the Bio, while the Bio had a mild acidity to it without the huge pucker factor, so it is a taste preference.  But, we had to pick a winner that night and it was a Sour Tasting, so the sour beer was the group consensus winner.  Winner: Classic Gueuze.

Case Closed.


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