October 2012 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Monthly Reviews
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October was a surreal month with me attending my first ever Great American Beer Festival.  While we killed 4 days in and around the Denver area, there was very little time to review beers because there was too many to do.  But that doesnt mean I didnt review any new beers…

Top 5 Beer Review for October:

  • Avery Brewing Eremita II ~ American Wild Ale ~ 4.23 /5 Rating
  • Russian River Pliny the Elder ~ American Double / Imperial IPA ~ 4.23 /5 Rating
  • Elysian Brewing The Great Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin Ale ~ 4.20 /5 Rating
  • Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye ~ Rye Beer ~ 4.18 /5 Rating
  • Timber Creek Tap & Table Saison de Creek ~ Saison / Farmhouse Ale ~ 4.13 /5 Rating

Some Beers Just Plain Suck, the Not Top 5 for October:

  • Alaskan Brewing Winter Ale ~ Old Ale ~ 3.08 /5 Rating
  • Saranac India Pale Ale ~ American IPA ~ 3.08 /5 Rating
  • Smuttynose Short Batch #17 Herbaceous ~ American Amber / Red Ale ~ 3.03 /5 Rating
  • C.H. Evans Brewing Quakenbush Blonde ~Kolsch ~ 2.83 /5 Rating
  • And your winner for the month of October wasnt…..Miller Brewing High Life ~ American Adjunct Lager ~ 2.25 /5 Rating

Yeah, that winner was brought to me by The Fuj…for some reason, he gets off on drinking a really shitty beer when having a tasting.  Also, I had a ton of great beers when I was in Denver but I just didnt review them…plenty of time to catch up with them in the future.  There were plenty of great beers I had at the GABF that I wished I had 5 minutes and a full pint for…Bear Republic Tartare was outstanding, Russian River Toronado 25 also come to mind, but just having to experience them as good enough.  October is in the rear view mirror but November should be good as it is my birth month, so I will be treating myself to some great beers…lucky me.


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