Mini Sour Tasting ~ Carmel, NY

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Just another great tasting
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As I have complained about many times on this blog…I hate my job.  With it comes 3 weeks out of every 5 where I am travelling for days on end but also opportunities to drink some good beer.  Some of the guys I have met just north of the NYC area are some really good beers drinkers and are cool enough to let me tag along with them to places for tastings and such.  One such guy had asked about doing a good sour tasting at his house on monday night (during Monday Night Football obviously) and we would crack open some rarer sour beers.  If you know me well enough, I am sucker for a sour beer, so I was really down for that.  But, sometimes, these things come with strings attached…as our host seemed to be very reserved that night, plus we couldn’t come over until after his daughter goes to bed (understandable), that he could only have a few people over (huh?) and we had to be very very quiet (and by quiet, I mean between the TV and 4 people casually talking, it was too loud).  I wish we could have gotten through more beers than we did that night but we hit some good ones.


  • Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars (MI) – Biere de Garde – 7.0% ABV – 3.60 Rating
  • Jester King Boxer’s Revenge (TX) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 10.2% ABV ~ 4.08 Rating
  • Bruery Otoise (CA) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 8.2% ABV ~ 4.05 Rating
  • Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett “Orange” (CO) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.0% ABV ~ 4.00 Rating
  • Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett “Yellow” (CO) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 6.0% ABV ~ 4.05 Rating
  • Weyerbacher Sour Black (PA) ~ American Wild Ale ~ 5.0% ABV ~ 4.00 Rating

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