The GABF a cometh… (GABF Pre-Event Blog Post)

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Rambing on about nothing in particular
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For those of you that may not know what the GABF is…its the Great American Beer Fest.  Its the largest beer fest in the United States and one of the largest gathering of beer drinkers in the world.  This event happens every year in Denver, CO at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.  This year will be the largest event ever held as it will host over 500+ breweries/brewpubs/nanobreweries, an increase of 110 more breweries from the 466 in 2011, which is up 23% from 2011.  It also happens to be very coincidental that they expanded the amount of breweries in the same year that I will happen to be attending for my first time.  This is mere speculation but I guess the organizers must have realized that a small 400+ breweries was just not going to be enough to keep me entertained for the full 4 hour session.  Thats why I am attending two sessions, just in case I missed something the first time through.

As I have stated, this is my first time ever attending this Craft Beer Mecca and I am super excited. There is a contingent of 8 people from Buffalo and 1 person from Charlotte in our group. We have an extremely busy schedule planned out from the time we land on Wednesday morning to the time we pass out on Saturday night. The goal for the week is to stop into at least 35 breweries, drink everything that I can and not get arrested. A quick view of our agenda is as follows:

Wednesday: Land in Denver at 10am, head to Boulder CO, Loveland CO, and Ft. Collins CO while stopping in at every brewery along the way.

Thursday: Recover from previous night, then drive from Ft.Collins back to Denver, check into our 2nd hotel, brewpub/event hop in Denver until the first GABF session begins.

Friday: Recover from previous night, hit Denver area breweries.

Saturday: Recover from previous night, drive to 3rd hotel (near convention center), attend Brewers Reserve session of GABF, then event hop.

Sunday: Fly Home with worlds largest hangover.

Here is a great article that I found about the GABF this year that might be great reading for everyone.

For more information on the Great American Beer Fest, check out their website below…

(It was either this or a picture of my tickets to rub your noses in it).


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