August 2012 ~ Monthly Beer Reviews

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Monthly Reviews

August was a crazy busy month with lots of travelling for work, the Gang Bang BIF tasting party and our trip down to Tampa FL during a tropical storm.  Thankfully, from all the craziness, I was able to taste and reviews lots of great beers that I normally wouldnt be able to try.  With that being said, lets get to my top reviews for the month of August:

Top 5 Beer Reviews for August (well, 6 really):

  • The Bruery Trois Poules Francais ~ Belgian Strong Dark Ale ~ 4.43 /5 Rating
  • The Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale ~ Flanders Red Ale ~ 4.43 /5 Rating
  • The Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme ~ American Wild Ale ~ 4.43 /5 Rating
  • Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus ~ Lambic – Friut ~ 4.38 /5 Rating
  • Cigar City Brewing Oblique ~ Belgian Strong Dark Ale ~ 4.23 /5 Rating   (had on tap at the brewpub)
  • Three Floyds Brewing Gumballhead ~ American Pale Wheat Ale ~ 4.23 /5 Rating

Not everything is the greatest beer, the Not Top 5 for August:

  • White Birch Brewing Tripel ~ Tripel ~ 3.10 /5 Rating
  • The Alchmist Celia Saison ~ Saison/Farmhouse Ale ~ 3.08 /5 Rating
  • Brooklyn Brewing Pennant Ale ’55 ~ English Pale Ale ~ 3.05 /5 Rating
  • Gilded Otter Simmer Backyard Lager ~ Fruit/Vegetable Beer ~ 2.83 /5 Rating
  • And the winner wasn’t….Bud Light Lime-A-Rita ~ American Malt Liquor ~ 1.70 /5 Rating

So some people may be wondering why there is a Budweiser product in my list…god knows I would never go out of my way to drink any of their crap.  When I am working in the Hudson Valley area, I like to get together with other Beer Advocate members for a small tasting with the guys…one character that has been mentioned on this site has never figured out what proper tasting etiqiette is and decided to ‘be funny’ and bring along Bud Light Lime A Rita.  All I can say about it as the we all braved a couple ounces each, the can (oh yes, can…not a bottle) didnt get finished and it tasted like sugary sweet bullshit.  Whatever moron buys this crap on purpose and enjoys it…I have a few words for you…YOU SUCK AT LIFE!

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