Just doing my civic duty: Big Ditch Brewing Test Batches

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Rambing on about nothing in particular

Id like to self promote that I am such an iconic craft beer guy of WNY that people use me for test batches constantly…but Id be lying and is not the case.  I had first met several of the guys from a soon to be nanobrewery, Big Ditch Brewing, about six months when they attended one our BA monthly tastings.  They had tried out several test batches on us at that tasting and have approched us again for another test batch of beers to review and possibly pair with food for an upcoming tasting.

Apple Pie Ale:

  • Appearance: Amber/Orangish Hue, Passes Some Light, White Head, Minimal Lacing  4.00 Rating
  • Smell: Cinnamon, Allspice  3.50 Rating
  • Taste: Cinnamon, Mild Apple, Mild Allspice  3.50 Rating
  • Mouthfeel: Decent Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Semi Spicy, Mildly Sweet  3.50 Rating

Overall: Although the beer has a nice spice laden nose and taste, the actual apple taste was too light and sadly overtaken by the spice flavors.  I think it could be different or stronger on the apple taste depending on what type of apple they used in the initial boil.  This beer would work well actually with a nice salad with a good vinegrette.

Black India Pale Ale:

  • Appearance: Dark Opqaue Hue, Passes No Light, Thin Head Ring, No Lacing  3.00 Rating
  • Smell: Dark Roasted Malts, Coffee, Mild Nutty  4.00 Rating
  • Taste: Dark Roasted Malts, Piney, Nutty, Mild Coffee  4.50 Rating
  • Mouthfeel: Mediocre Carbonation, Medium to Full Bodied, Nutty, Semi Drying  4.00 Rating

Overall: Although slightly undercarbonated, this beer has a lot of potential as a Black IPA, almost borderline stout with the malt and coffee backbones.  This beer would go well with steak, a dark BBQ sauce, or even chocolate cake.

Brown Rye Ale:

  • Appearance: Dark Brown Hue, Passes Little Light, Thick Off White Head, Minimal Lacing  4.00 Rating
  • Smell: Chocolate Malts, Lactose  4.00 Rating
  • Taste: Mildly Roasted Dark Malts, Chocolate, Nutty, Mild Rye  4.00 Rating
  • Mouthfeel: Decent Carbonation, Medium Bodied, Semi Drying  4.00  Rating

Overall: This beer is almost borderline Milk Stout in my opinion, but for a Brown Ale, still a very good beer with lots of dark malty backbone.  This beer might be good with a good piece of steak and/or a chocolate dessert.


  • Appearance: Hazy Golden Straw Hue, Passes Some Light, Thin White Head Ring, No Lacing  3.00 Rating
  • Smell: Cracked Corn, Mild Floral  3.00 Rating
  • Taste: Light Malts, Light Floral  3.00 Rating
  • Mouthfeel: Mediocre Carbonation, Light to Medium Bodied, Lightly Drying  3.00 Rating

Overall: For a pilsner, it is a little shallow in nose and taste, slightly boring for my tastes.  If I were to pair this with a food, maybe a salad or some light seafood.

I am thankful to have tried these test bacthes of beers and look forward to their first releases once they are operational.  It is exciting when some up and comers are trying new things out and Im glad to have been a part of it.  Want to keep your eyes on these guys, check them out at http://bigditchbrewing.tumblr.com/   As I was impatiently waiting for Community Beer Works to get up and running, I am officially kicking them in the ass to get opening (well, its really the state of NY that needs to be kicked in the ass, not these guys).  There is nothing worse than people I want to give my money to that wont take it.


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