Just Another June Weekend

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Rambing on about nothing in particular

For some reason, as soon as the calander flipped from May to June, the weather went instantly into the toilet.  The previous weeks we were seeing temperatures in the 80’s everyday…but, now that it is June, the thermometer has barely gotten above 60 degrees and seems to have rained everyday.  Its like the old saying goes…June Showers bring May Flowers.

With the weather being crappy outside, there really hasnt been much to do.  The wife and I decided to take our daughter to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester NY.  When you hear the words, Musuem of Play…I instantly thought Kids Place.  The entire first floor was filled with youthful joy running around like crazy people hopped up on sugar and speed.  The second floor however had one of the greatest video game arcades that I have seen…it had all the video games from my past that I used to love to play plus it had a great display of video games systems from the early days of Pong to the PS3 and Xbox of today.  Very Impressive.

After leaving the museum, we decided to head over to Dinosaur BBQ on the river for some lunch…and it didnt disappoint.  We got their at probably the perfect time as the lunch time crowd was long gone and the dinner crowd was hours away.  I ordered a classic pull pork sandwich with a side of cajun corn and mac and cheese.  The food went down great with some nice smokiness on the pork and a great taste on the mac and cheese.  Dinosaur also compliments their great BBQ food with a decent selection of craft beers too.  As I was driving, I couldnt indulge like I might normally do but did partake in a beverage.  Since we were in Rochester, it only made sense to get try a local beer.

  • Roc Brewing Company Golden Pale (NY)(5.5% ABV) was listed as Golden Pale Ale but seemed to miss the mark for me as there was almost no hop character.  It had a blend of corn, mild floral notes and mild malty notes.  I think this beer could have worked had they used more malts and hops, just my opinion. 3.2 Rating

My wife had a bachelorette party to attend last night so that left me home with my daughter and some Stanley Cup hockey to watch.  Also in attendance was my buddy Scott (Beer Advocate User THEPORTERSORTER) who stopped over with some of his recent acquisitions from trades.

  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Ruth American Pale Ale (CA)(5.6% ABV) was kind of a grainy mess with lots of gritty sediment in the bottle, very little hop character and too earthy for an APA, Drain Pour. 3.05 Rating
  • Lightning Brewing Electrostatic Biere de Garde (CA)(10.0% ABV) was just all over the place.  It was poorly carbonated, had a orangeish/amber hue, a slightly fruity and funky nose and had fruity notes of apples, papaya and some funky yeast notes.  3.23 Rating
  • Grand Teton Brewing The Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale (ID)(7.5% ABV) was a very good saison that wasnt over powering and very drinkable.  The beer was carbonated perfectly, had a nose of Yeast, Wheat, Peppermint and Lemongrass.  The taste was very similar with notes of Yeast, Lemons and Peppermnt…just very easy drinking and went down smoothe. 4.03 Rating
  • Drakes Brewing Jolly Rodger 2011 American Black Ale (CA)(8.7% ABV) was a good representation of the style with the typical characteristics of Resin, Black Bread, Mild Coffee and Mild Chocolate on both the nose and taste.  A good beer but very typical of a black ale, no imagination. 4.00 Rating
  • Finchs Beer Company Golden Wing American Blonde Ale (IL)(4.7% ABV) didnt remind of a golden ale at all, but more of a saison.  The nose and taste were strictly yeast and wheat…not very refreshing for a blonde ale. 3.23 Rating

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