The Weekend Hauls…

Posted: May 12, 2012 in As my wife would say, "Another Trade?"

So Ive gotten back into beer trading somewhat after being on hiatus for several months.  I joined my first BIF (Beer It Forward) that was focused around Disc Golf.  As a avid disc golfer and as 2006 New York States Intermediate Divisions Dead Last Participant, this was a great one for me to join up.  To keep it short, a BIF is a sort of blind trade.  Someone will start a BIF based around a theme, take a certain number of participants, gather all said participants information, set parameters then will randomly draw who sends a box to who.  Basically, I sent a box out to a person randomly drawn and another random person sends a box to me.  The parameters for this one was you had to send out a minimum of 144oz of beer, half has to be in cans, and a minimum of three discs.

In this particular BIF, I had to send a box out to a guy located south of chicago and the person who sent me a box was also, someone from outside of chicago.  Here is a picture of my haul:

I received 2~16oz can of Daisy Cutter Pale Ale from Half Acre, 2~16oz cans of Osiris Pale Ale from Sun King, 16oz can of Cut Throat Pale from Finchs Beer Co, 16oz can of Golden Wing Blonde from Finchs Beer Co, 12oz can of Outlaw IPA from Two Brothers, a bomber of Red Eye Coffee Porter from Two Brothers, 12oz bottle of Double Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse, 12oz bottle of Founders Imperial Stout, a bomber of a Red Ale homebrew, and my gem of it all, 11.2oz bottle of Cuvee de Jacobins Rouge (which I almost bought from a place in CA two days earlier).   As far as plastic goes, a Discraft Nuke driver, A Discraft Impart mid range, a Discraft Zone putter, and a Millenium Aurora mid range…the Aurora was the first disc I ever bought but it has some dudes name on the back and I dont think it belonged to the previous owner.  As a disc golfer, it is always good karma that if you find a disc and it has someone name/tele number, call them up and send it back.

Another cool thing about participating in this BIF was another guy in it had asked me for some information about Finger Lakes breweries and we ended up pulling off a trade with him.  Our trade was suppose to be a 3 bottle trade, here was my haul:

A bomber of Stillwater Debutante saison, a bomber of Stillwater Stateside saison, and a bottle of Mikkeller/Stillwater collaboration Two Gypsies…this guy had some solid extras of a 12oz can of DC Brau The Public Pale, DC Brau The Corruption IPA, and a bomber of Schlafly Quad.  I was really impressed by the Schlafly Quad, that was super cool of him.

One of the problems I have now is that several of my blog readers (out of the dozen, singular) now know what I have received and will start to shop my cellar for beers that they want for themselves.

Overall, it was a great experience joining this BIF, but my only drawback was that the BIF was seemingly run by 4-6 guys who were all from the same area and suredly, did not draw each other for trades, somewhat of a set up if you ask me but was what it was.

I also have a box of goodies coming in from california and another from a guy in Chicago too. As I got home from work today, there were more boxes waiting for me. The next box was from a guy in LA that I have made several trades with over the past year…

1 bottle of Russian River Beatification, 1 bomber of Bruery Sans Pagaie, 1 bomber of Otoise, and 1 bottle of Troegs Scratch Beer #28.

Then my LIF (Lottery It Forward) winnings arrived today too. (A LIF is basically a contest someone runs to give away free beer. Typically, you have to answer a question(s) correct in order to win) As part of winning the LIF, I had to start a similar one and offer up a similiar amount of winnings to someone else. Here was my cache:

1 bomber of 3 Floyds Behemoth, 1 bomber of 3 Floyds Rye’d Da Lightning, a killer 3 Floyds Glass (just released), 1 bomber of Mikkeller Monks Brew, 1 bomber of 3 Floyds The Creeper and 1 bomber of Half Acre Wild America. A really killer box…I have no idea how I am going to replicate this gem with our local crap. Suggestions??? (Ones that dont involve me sending beer to people reading this blog or anyone they associate with)


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