Beer Cellar Pictures

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Rambing on about nothing in particular

Several people have asked me for pictures of my beer cellar recently…well, this is kind of what you asked for.  Last week, I noticed that there had been water sprayed all over my beer bottles but did not know what the source of it was.  My kitchen hot and cold pipes run overhead and led me to believe a weak solder joint had sprung a leak.   Earlier today, I went downstairs to pack up several boxes and I noticed that my shelves again seemed wetter than they were last weekend.  I started a move some bottles around to allow the wood to properly dry.  So tonight, my wife started up our dishwaher and I decided to get some meat for dinner out of our basement freezer when I seen water coming through the kitchen floor, leaking through every crevice it could find.  The water was coming from my dishwasher, which I recently had installed from Lowes.  Two hours and two bitchy calls later, Im still waiting for someone to call me back.  Note:  DO NOT HAVE LOWES INSTALL A DISHAWASHER.




Please note, these are not all my bottles, there are about 30 sitting on top of my freezer, several full boxes out of the shot, several boxes moved into the garage and bottles in my wine fridge and beer fridge.  One bottle of Kern River Citra was sacrificed in order for me to maintain my sanity and not killing someone.

UPDATE: It took two and a half weeks and three visits to the house for someone to finally fix the damn thing.

  1. fuj says:

    Yikes, that’s shitty.

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