Everyday can be just like chrismas!!!

Posted: April 6, 2012 in As my wife would say, "Another Trade?"

Think back to when you were a kid and chritsmas time was just around the corner.  You would get so excited with anticipation that you couldn’t wait to go to sleep on christmas eve, just to bounce out of bed, run down the stairs and dash for the chritsmas tree and all of its secret treasures underneath it.  Well, as most beer traders know, this is what I feel like everytime a FedEx or UPS truck shows up at my door.  Mind you, that the person delivering your presents doesnt have a sleigh, 8 reindeer, or a thick white beard…but he almost appears to when he shows up at your door.


There are few better feelings than cracking open your boxes and exploring your new found plunder. The box on the right is a pre-trade box from a guy in SoCal for an Ithaca Le Bleu, which comes out in 8 days. The box on the left is a purchase from a Florida Liquor Store that contains many great beers from one of my new favorite brewers, Cigar City…please note, even dragged my mom there for her first craft beer experience.


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