Stranded along the shore…

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Beer Drinking Adventures

Well, when life gives you lemons….fuck that, Im getting a beer.

As I am stranded in the Providence, Rhode Island and Cape Cod region for work this week, I am making the most of it.  I started off by inquiring about breweries,brewpubs,bottle shops,and beer bars in the region.  Here are my adventures…

I started off at Yankee Spirits upon recommendations from several Beer Advocate members.  Well, it did not disappoint in the least as they had a cache of brewers that do not distribute in NY.  150 bucks later, I guess I can say I walked out a happy man (as much as someone out 150 dollars can feel):

The night then moved to Trinity Brewhouse in downtown Providence RI.


Trinity Brewhouse

The place has a nice laid back feel to it with lots of classic brewerana along the walls.  The bar has a classic old wood feel to it too.  I started off with a Belgian Saison that resembled more of a Belgian Pale with a mild yeast finish, decent and drinkable.

The next choice was their Imperial Red Ale, which was the best beer I had tonight.  It had a nice malty, piney blend that transitioned very smoothly, a solid beer.

Why stop at two when Three will do.  I finished up at Trinity with their IPA which was average, nothing special but drinkable.  Piney and decent malt nose and taste.

From Trinity, I headed to the Taphouse Grill in downtown Fall River MA.  It was an average bar/resteraunt with 26 taps.  They had several decent beers on tap from regional to across country.  Enjoy a Boulevard Tank 7 Saison and a Wachusett Milk Stout, which were each decent.

Day 2…
After receiving disappoining news that Village Beer Merchant go people to show up at the shop for beer that they didnt actually have, I decided I needed a quick break from the day. Convienently, Mayflower Brewing Company happened to be 3 minutes from where I was…so I popped in. It was described to me by a Beer Advocate member as Massachusettes best kept secret (its not a secret anymore). A nice shiny 100 barrel tank outside awaiting installation. It is a small place located in a business park with a nice retail shop/tasting room. 3 quick 1oz samples of their IPA, Spring Hop Ale, and Pale Ale. The spring hop was super fresh and although only 37 IBUs, it really popped and was very floral. 2 sixers to go…

I tried to make a run to Coastal Extreme Brewing Company but their tasting room closes at 5pm everyday. When I called the brewery to confirm those hours, they had recommended me to stop at Brick Alley Pub in Newport RI as ‘that is where we send everything’ per the perky voice on the other end of the phone.

Newport RI is a nice seaside town with a lot of history to it. The streets are narrow, the shops are plentiful, and the tourists are everywhere. The Brick Alley Pub is on a main narrow road, loaded with tourist trap shops near the coast. The bar area was loaded with all sorts of memoribilia from license plates, decorative pictures, gas signs, neon signs, sports helmets, and then some. For a place that ‘is where we send everything’, they didnt have a huge selection of Coastal Brewing. They had their staples of Blueberry Ale and Amber Ale on tap, along with a speciality Porter, then other local beers and run of the mill crap. Since most people know my love for porters, I went with the Amber and Blueberry Ales. They were average, nothing great but not bad either. So I sucked down my burger, my over priced burger and called it a night. Next Stop…Home to my family and my beer fridge.


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