Appropriate Beer for the Walking Dead Season 2 finale…

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Rambing on about nothing in particular

For a not-so-typical middle of March day in Western New York, I actually had to plug in my garage beer fridge because the temperatures are suppose to be in the 70’s for the upcoming week.  I am sure at one point reality will catch up with us and it’ll be in the 40’s and raining for the next 6 weeks, but for now, it is so nice outside that I actually have to keep my beer in the fridge instead of natures ice box (aka My Garage). 

With that being said, I came across several bottle of Sweetwater beers that I thought had long been consumed, a bottle of 420, Motor Boat, and 2 bottles of Blue.  It just seemed to make sense to have those tonight as part of the Walking Dead Season 2 finale as they have had several product placements in the show throughout the season.  It does give me a fuzzy feeling that when the Zombie Apocolypse does come, that I will have to load up on ammo to protect my beer cellar…and maybe my family and food too.  But definitely the beer cellar…


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